Should I use Pascal case or camel case?

Pascal is a persons name… a persons name always starts capitalized, whereas ‘camel’ is just a noun and thus, unless the start of a sentence, is always lowercased.

What is Pascal casing and camel casing in Java?

With PascalCase, the first letter of every word in the identifier is upper case. With camelCase, the first letter of the first word in the identifier is lower case, while the first letter of every subsequent word is uppercase.

Why is it called Pascal case?

Pascal case naming convention The use of a single uppercase letter for each additional word makes it easier to read code and discern the purpose of variables. The term Pascal case was popularized by the Pascal programming language. Pascal itself is case insensitive, so the use of PascalCase was not a requirement.

What is camel case with example?

the convention of writing compound words or phrases with no spaces and an initial lowercase or uppercase letter, with each remaining word element beginning with an uppercase letter: iPod and WikiAnswers are both spelled in camel case.

Should you use camel case?

The general practice for a C style language like Java or JS is to use camelCase for all variables and object members (properties & methods), and PascalCase for class names and constructors. But some languages make an exception to that. C#, for example, uses PascalCase for namespaces and even public methods.

Why does C# use Pascal case?

They are used to lower camel casing for everything from table names in SQL databases to property naming in C# code but I like Pascal casing better, lower camel casing for variables and Pascal casing for properties: string firstName; public string FirstName { }

Why do we use CamelCase?

The advantage of CamelCase is that in any computer system where the letters in a name have to be contiguous (no spaces), a more meaningful name can be created using a descriptive sequence of words without violating the naming limitation.

Is CamelCase necessary?

Camel case is an important accessibility requirement. Screen readers cannot identify the individual words in a hashtag without camel case. This means the content will be inaccessible to users of screen readers. – People who like the experience of using a screen reader.

Why do we use camel case?

Is Camel case better than underscore?

Results indicate that camel casing leads to higher accuracy among all subjects regardless of training, and those trained in camel casing are able to recognize identifiers in the camel case style faster than identifiers in the underscore style.

Why is Camel case used?

Does C# use PascalCase?

Pascal casing is similar to camel casing except that the first letter also starts with a capital letter (SomeClass instead of someClass). C#, for example, uses PascalCase for namespaces and even public methods.

What is a lower camel case?

Lower Camel Case. A naming convention of the CamelCase family in which several words are joined together, where the first letter of the entire word is lowercase, but subsequent first letters are uppercase.

What is camel case notation?

CamelCase notation. CamelCase notation is a common name for the practice of writing compound words or phrases where the words are joined without spaces, and each word is capitalized within the compound. This practice is known by a large variety of names, including BiCapitalization, InterCaps, MixedCase, etc.

What is Pascal case naming convention?

Terminology and Definitions for Naming Conventions: Pascal Case: The first letter in the identifier and the first letter of each subsequent concatenated word are capitalized. You can use Pascal case for identifiers of three or more characters. Example: Utility, GetValue.

What is a Pascal case?

Pascal case is a subset of Camel Case where the first letter is capitalized.