Should I let the ghouls into Tenpenny Tower?

hey do you know what the best way is to complete the tenpenny tower quest? Unfortuantly there is no way to make the Humans and Ghouls get along. The best choice is probably to help the Ghouls in as they wil give you the Ghould Mask and Micheal Masters and Bessie Lyn take over the stores.

How do you get to Megaton in Fallout 3?


  1. Just disarm the bomb and his son will give you the key. User Info: Red_Badger_55.
  2. Disarm the bomb in the center of town, then speak to Harden Simms. User Info: Mayze.
  3. When you first go to megaton talk to simms the sheriff and tell him that you will diarm the bomb.

What to do in megaton before I destroy it?

Forum:Things To Do Before You Blow Up Megaton

  1. Punch the Mercenary in Craterside Supply.
  2. Have Sticky Wait in Megaton.
  3. Go to every Vender, Buy Everything, Then kill them and take it back.
  4. Be nice to Gob (hey, its his last day on earth)
  5. Kill Lucas Simms and take his hat.

Can you get into megaton ruins?

Megaton cannot be entered after it is destroyed, and getting very close will result in a significant dose of radiation. The player character will likely encounter Megaton refugees after destroying Megaton; they are hostile on sight.

Can you get into Tenpenny Tower without blowing up Megaton?

Just found out you can get into this suit without blowing up megaton, simply go to tenpenny’s balcony and walk around to the left, there will be a door that dose not require a key. On the 360 version that door still requires a key.

What happens if you help Roy Phillips?

Once Roy Phillips has been brought the news, he will reward the Wanderer with a ghoul mask, which makes them friendly with feral ghouls. Additionally, one will also gain a 300 XP reward. Upon returning to Tenpenny Tower, human and ghoul residents will be found living together.

What happens if Lucas Simms dies?

If Lucas is killed, there are unique dialogue choices with Manya Vargas, Leo Stahl, and Harden. They can then receive the reward for disarming the bomb from Lucas’s son, Harden.

What happens if you disarm the bomb in Megaton?

Disarm Megaton’s atomic bomb If successful, the player character will get the reward and the keys to a personal Megaton house. The reward is usually 100 caps, but with the successful use of the Speech skill on Lucas (before actually disarming the bomb) the reward can be upped to 500 caps.

Where does Jericho go if Megaton is destroyed?

If one decides to blow up Megaton during the quest The Power of the Atom while he is the Lone Wanderer’s companion (thus, not dying in the explosion) and fire him afterward, he will walk to the Megaton ruins and stay in front of the crater.

Should I disarm the bomb in Megaton?

How much karma do you lose for blowing up Megaton?

The detonator will be available for use with no sign of Burke, and Megaton can be destroyed for only the -1000 Karma and no other compensation.

Where is Moira after Megaton blows up?

If you hadn’t started it, she can be found in the Underworld, whereupon she will claim she was ‘out-of-town’ during the detonation, and apparently unaware of her recent affliction. Depending on how you break the news to her, she will either fall into despair or remain positive.