Is XEOMIN a filler or Botox?

A beginner’s guide to injectables Each injectable serves a unique purpose based on the patient’s cosmetic goals. Xeomin is a wrinkle relaxer that addresses dynamic fine lines and wrinkles for a softer look, while Juvéderm is a dermal filler that replenishes volume to the skin in certain areas.

Is Botox or XEOMIN safer?

A study cited in the Journal of Neurological Sciences on the efficacy and safety of XEOMIN® found it showed “non-inferiority” to Botox® when used in the same doses to treat cervical dystonia. It concluded that XEOMIN® is a safe and effective treatment for the disorder.

What is XEOMIN best for?

XEOMIN is a special botulinum formulation that’s specifically for the treatment of glabellar lines. These are the frown lines that form between the eyebrows. Xeomin can treat moderate to severe lines, softening their appearance or even removing them altogether.

What is the average cost of Xeomin?

There are a lot of factors that will determine what the average cost of Xeomin will be for you. In America, the average cost of Xeomin to the patient is $425. The range for that average xeomin cost is $75-$3000.

Can Xeomin be used for crow’s feet?

However, Xeomin has proven to be just as effective for other wrinkles around the eye area, including crows feet treatment, as well as fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Xeomin is essentially an ideal treatment for any wrinkle formed by expressions over the lifespan.

Is Xeomin more natural than Botox?

Xeomin feels much lighter and more natural than Botox. With Xeomin, the wrinkles disappear, but I still maintain a little bit of motion in my eyebrows and facial features. Botox tends to be a bit stronger and results in a “frozen” look.

How much does Xeomin cost per unit?

The cost of Xeomin® is roughly the same as for Botox at $5.00-5.40 per unit. Dysport® is about $3.99 per unit. Patients average 20 units of Xeomin® per visit, vs.

Does Xeomin work on everyone?

1 Yet it doesn’t work for everybody. Botox injections are quick, low on the pain-and-suffering scale, relatively inexpensive (when compared to surgery), and require no downtime. All this, and results too.

Is 40 units of Xeomin a lot?

There are some basic guidelines: 20-40 units for the horizontal lines found on the forehead. 5-20 units to treat crow’s feet around the eyes. 15-30 units for frown lines between the eyebrows.

How many units of Xeomin do I need for jawline?

The average necessary for most patients is 25 units per side, with a great variation based on the size of the muscle.