Is Toyota Auris hybrid a good car?

The latest Toyota Auris Hybrid is efficient but it still falls behind rivals for quality and excitement. The Auris is one of only a few hybrids in the compact hatchback class, but Toyota would like you to consider it as a ‘mainstream’ choice, rather than an exotic or premium alternative.

Does Toyota Auris Hybrid have timing belt?

Auris Hybrid and the Hybrid Synergy Drive system are designed to be reliable, durable and low-maintenance. The 1.8-litre VVT-i engine has a maintenance-free timing chain, an element-type oil filter, miniaturised spark plugs and no drive belts, all of which require little maintenance and so save you money.

Is Toyota Auris Hybrid good for taxi?

With a further 150 clean taxis to boot, founder Hugh Hurst’s son Alex is well placed to comment on the best vehicle for the job when it comes to hybrid options. …

Is Toyota Auris hybrid automatic?

A Great Range of Second Hand Auto Toyota Auris Cars In our range you can find variants such as the Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid Icon TSS 5dr CVT Auto and the larger Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid Excel 5dr CVT Estate. These feature an automatic transmission, making them a pleasure to drive.

What goes wrong with Toyota Auris?

Problem: The Toyota Auris is known for having problems with a lack of power and/or bursts of black smoke from the exhaust. You may find the car also surging forward. Any one of these problems are symptoms of a blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve.

How many miles can a Toyota Auris last?

Owners of the Toyota Auris can expect up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles of service from it. However, to reach these numbers, you have to service and maintain the vehicle regularly and avoid abusing it. Once that’s out of the way, the Toyota Auris is good to go for as long as 300,000 miles.

Which is bigger Prius or Auris?

External dimensions put the Auris in the C-segment (compact) compared to the D-segment (midsized) Prius, but the Auris is not that small. It’s 8 inches shorter than the Prius, 0.6-inches wider, and not nearly as diminutive as the 19-inch shorter, 2-inch narrower Prius c with its 1.5-liter HSD setup.

Is the Toyota Auris hybrid self charging?

The Auris uses a still-relevant ‘self charging’ hybrid set-up, where there’s an efficient petrol engine mated to a small electric motor and battery arrangement.

Why was Toyota Auris discontinued?

According to Toyota, the decision was taken due to a desire to give its Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf rival a single identity in all world markets. However, it remains to be seen whether this policy will be extended to other models in the company’s range.

How reliable is a Toyota Auris?

Is a used Toyota Auris hatchback reliable? Yes. In the last survey it featured in, the Auris finished in a very impressive sixth place out of 28 family cars aged 0-3 years old included in the What Car? reliability survey.