Is the ProCo rat a fuzz pedal?

distortion / FUZZ The RAT is one of the most classic and original designs in the history of effects pedals. It makes a great clean boost, light overdrive, crunchy rhythm channel, heavy Marshal-ish grind, over the top fuzz and the list goes on!

Is ProCo RAT distortion or fuzz?

The Pro Co “The RAT” is a distortion pedal with a quite simple circuit, which can be broken down into four simpler blocks: distortion stage, tone control, output stage and power supply.

Is Rat overdrive or distortion?

The Rat is one of the earliest distortion pedals, arriving on the market in 1978. Where overdrive pedals like the yet-to-be-released Boss OD-1 and Ibanez Tube Screamer use soft clipping to create their saturation, the Rat uses hard clipping. This not only results in more gain, but also a grittier sound.

Who uses the ProCo Rat 2?

Used in punk, jazz, metal and rock bands across the world the pedal does not pigeon-hole itself as a one trick pony. Guitarists such as Kurt Cobain, James Hetfield, John Scofield and Dave Grohl are noted to use the Rat pedal in their major releases.

How do you date a ProCo rat?

ProCo Rat Potentiometer Date Codes To determine the date of your Rat find the 7 digit number on the back of the pots. 1985 would be the date for this pot.

Which rat has LM308?

Rat 2
Although the exterior was tweaked, the early days of the Rat 2 featured the very same innards as days past, including the heart of the unit, the LM308 op-amp. Along with NKT275s, MN3005s and OC44s, the LM308 is considered to be one of those essential parts by which a pedal is defined.

Is the rat 2 true bypass?

A Yes, all RAT’s are True Bypass. Q What are the power requirements for the Rat? A We offer the RPS3 power supply if you’d like to power your FatRat at 18V for increased headroom and bass response.

What is a woodcutter Rat pedal?

The WOODCUTTER is our homage to a very particular 308-loaded Kalamazoo classic (that happens to share its name with New York City’s favorite pizza-loving rodent). These vintage distortion pedals are great, but their sound varies widely from unit to unit, making it hard to find a truly special pedal.

Is Rat distortion true bypass?

A Yes, all RAT’s are True Bypass.