Is the Infiniti G35 a good car?

Is the Infiniti G35 Reliable? You can always trust a G35 to stick with you for the long haul if you take care of it. So it’s no surprise that U.S. News gave the G35 4.5 stars for reliability. Many G35 owners have driven long and hard without having to visit the mechanic outside of routine maintenance.

How much does a G35 cost?

G35 Trims

Sedan Original MSRP / Price Horsepower
G35 Sedan G35 4dr Sdn Auto $31,450 / $28,930 280
G35 Sedan G35 4dr Sdn Manual $31,200 / $28,701 298
G35 Sedan G35x 4dr Sdn AWD Auto $33,250 / $30,580 280

Is the Infiniti G35 a Nissan?

The Infiniti G-series is a line of compact executive car produced by Infiniti, a luxury division of Nissan for the 1991–1996 and 1999–2016 model years….Third generation (V35; 2002)

G35 (V35)
Platform Nissan FM platform
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Engine 3.5 L (3,498 cc) VQ35DE V6

When did Infiniti stop making G35?

The G35 was manufactured until 2008, when INFINITI introduced the G37 sedan. In 2013, the G37 made its last appearance and INFINITI introduced the Q50.

Is G35 same as skyline?

Unfortunately, the new generation Skyline V35 (debuted in June 2001) is not a real Skyline. Infiniti G35 – its alternative name – is perhaps more appropriate to reflect its nature. For North American market, Nissan named it as Infiniti G35. Basically that is equivalent to the top-of-the-range Skyline sold in Japan.

What kind of engine does the Infiniti G35 have?

Sporting the ubiquitous VQ35DE engine, the Infiniti G35 uses a front-midship engine, rear-wheel drive layout (all-wheel drive is available for the G35x sedan) to achieve a 52% front/48% rear weight distribution.

What is the weight of an Infiniti G35?

Speaking of weight, like almost all new cars, the G35 scales in a little heavier than the previous edition. Infiniti says 48 pounds and lists curb weight at 3532.

Is the Infinity G35 coupe sports car?

Along with the introduction of an all-new, super-sleek G sedan in 2003, Infiniti added a two-door sport coupe version of the car for the first time. Infiniti’s first two-door model since the M30 sold between 1990 and 1992, the G35 Coupe incorporated a stunning, modern shape and well-balanced chassis dynamics.