Is the 3000GT a good car?

It was a good car. This car is very cool looking and is a fun car to drive, however the comfort is not bad but is what is expected from a sports car. Although Mitsubishi does not have the best reputation, the 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT is fairly reliable. There were some interior rattles. Over all it is a good car.

What is a 3000GT?

If you’re not familiar with the 3000GT VR4, it’s a car made by Mitsubishi from 1991-1999 as direct competition to the Toyota Supra Turbo, Nissan 300ZX Turbo, and Mazda RX-7.

Is a Mitsubishi 3000GT fast?

Mitsubishi 3000GT performance and specs

Model Mitsubishi 3000GT
Top speed 160mph
0-60mph 5.9 seconds
Fuel consumption 26.4 mpg
Gearbox Five-speed manual

What is the best year for 3000GT?

Best Year for the VR4

  • 1991. Votes: 6 5.0%
  • 1992. Votes: 7 5.8%
  • 1993. Votes: 32 26.4%
  • 1994. Votes: 24 19.8%
  • 1995. Votes: 10 8.3%
  • 1996. Votes: 3 2.5%
  • 1997. Votes: 8 6.6%
  • 1998. Votes: 11 9.1%

How rare is a 3000GT VR4?

This may seem commonplace in supercars nowadays, but Mitsubishi was one of the first to put these features on a road car back in 1990. (The above 1999 VR4 is a rare car in itself with only 289 sold in the US). The 3000GT was not a cheap car either, with the VR4 going for up to $60,000 in 1990s money!

Is a 3000GT JDM?

Manufactured in a three-door hatchback coupƩ body style in Nagoya, Japan, the 2+2 four-seaters were marketed in the Japanese domestic market (JDM) as the GTO, and globally as Mitsubishi 3000GT.

Is the 3000GT rare?

The 3000GT VR-4 is not a common car. But don’t call it rare. Values are around $10,000, but mint ones can be worth as much as $40,000.

What does Mitsubishi GTO stand for?

The Italian term, ‘Gran Turismo Omologato’, means Grand Touring class production vehicle, homologated for racing. The name came to mean a large, high-performance sports car comfortable enough for long trips or ‘touring’, as opposed to the smaller, less comfortable 2-seater ‘true’ sports car.