Is the 2005 Mercedes C-Class reliable?

How Reliable Is The 2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class? Yes it is a reliable car.

Is Mercedes C-Class Coupe reliable?

The Mercedes C-Class finished 74th out of 100 cars overall in our Driver Power 2019 customer satisfaction survey. Owners praised its engine performance and in-car technology (sat-nav aside).

Are old C-Class Mercedes reliable?

Is a used Mercedes C-Class saloon reliable? In short, no. To its credit, however, Mercedes did put a lot of effort into rectifying problems and often dealt with customers out of warranty to deal with major issues, so a car with a full service history may well have gotten over many of these issues already.

Which year Mercedes C-Class is the best?

Ranking The 10 Best Mercedes C-Class Model Years

  • 10 1999 C-Class C43 AMG.
  • 9 2017 C-Class C43 AMG.
  • 8 2010 C-Class C63.
  • 7 2020 C-Class C 300 (4MATIC)
  • 6 1995 C-Class C280 Sedan.
  • 5 1995 C-Class AMG C 36.
  • 4 2005 C-Class C240 Luxury.
  • 3 1996 C-Class C220 Sedan.

How many miles can a Mercedes-Benz c230 last?

The average Mercedes C300 will last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles before an engine rebuild is required. Based on the national average of 15,000 miles per year, the C300 should last between 10 and 13.5 years, providing it has been properly maintained.

How much is a 2005 Mercedes worth?

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class trade-in prices range from $636 – $10,924.

Is the 2020 C-Class reliable?

J.D. Power gives the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class a below-average predicted reliability rating of 2.5 out of five.

What problems do Mercedes C class have?

Mercedes-Benz C Class Common Problems and Solutions

  • Vibration When Driving. Problem:
  • Vibration When Driving. Problem:
  • MAF sensor failure. Problem:
  • Squeaky boot. Problem:
  • Headlight bulb failure. Problem:
  • Folding mirror problems. Problem:
  • Clunking Noise From Gearbox. Problem:
  • Hesitant Acceleration. Problem:

How long will Mercedes C Class last?

Is Mercedes C-Class worth buying?

Buying a used luxury car is often a good bargain and the Mercedes-Benz C-class is a prime example of that….Rs 25-27 lakh.

Years produced 2014-present
Price when new From Rs 40.90 lakh
Engine 4 cyl, 1991cc, petrol
Power 184hp

Which Mercedes C-Class is the best?

The 20 Best Mercedes C-Class Models Of All-Time

  • 2003 C230 Kompressor Hatchback Sport Coupe.
  • 1998 C-Class C43 AMG Sedan.
  • 1996 C-Class 5-Door Station Wagon (aka The T-Model)
  • 1997 C-Class C230 Sedan.
  • 1999 C-Class C230 Sedan.
  • 2007 C-Class.
  • 2010 C-Class.
  • 1993 C-Class 4-Door Sedan (W202)