Is Quantico Marine base open?

CODE YELLOW – The base is OPEN. Unscheduled leave may be authorized. Mission Essential personnel are expected to report to work. CHECK WITH YOUR CHAIN OF COMMAND FOR DETAILS.

How do you get into Quantico Marine base?

All short term visitors must visit the Visitor Control Center (VCC) and obtain a visitor pass for entry at the gates. Law Enforcement personnel with appropriate credentials do not need to register but, must have a valid purpose for entry.

Do all Marines train at Quantico?

As the home of the Marine Officer Candidate School, every Marine officer will train at Quantico and many enlisted Marines will pass through its gates as well.

How many acres is Quantico Marine base?

approximately 59,000 acres
Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) is located approximately 35 miles south of Washington, DC. MCBQ consists of approximately 59,000 acres and lies within southern Prince William, northern Stafford, and eastern Fauquier counties.

What do Marines do at Quantico?

The Marine Corps Research Center at Quantico pursues equipment research and development, especially telecommunications, for the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps Brig, a military prison, was also located at Quantico, until its closure on 31 December 2011 and its subsequent demolition.

How big is Quantico?

223.2 km²
Quantico Station/Area

Can civilians live on Quantico base?

We all know that military members with families are eligible to live in base housing when it is available, while single troops are relegated to living in barracks, onboard ships or, if lucky enough, off base.

What do the yellow footprints mean for Marines?

recruit receiving barracks
1. Yellow footprints. In the early 1960s, yellow footprints were painted on the pavement in front of the recruit receiving barracks. Their purpose: To help brand-new recruits — straight off the bus and terrified by screaming drill instructors — to learn where to stand in formation.

Where should I live if stationed at Quantico?

Areas south of Quantico to consider are Garrisonville, Stafford, and Fredericksburg. If you have school-age children, consider Stafford and Spotsylvania counties which have excellent school systems. The further north you go the less affordable housing will become.

Can my mother live with me on base?

The military requires you to provide adequate support (which includes housing) to your dependents. However, unless your dependents move to your duty location, you are not authorized to reside in on-base family housing, because the rules say to qualify, your dependents must be living with you.