Is Polar A300 accurate?

The $139 Polar A300 succeeds as a daily activity tracker and a capable workout watch. Its display is always on, its fitness monitoring is accurate, it lets you track a number of specific activities and it goes in-depth with the stats it records.

Does Polar A300 have GPS?

The Polar A300 ditches GPS, making it more of a rival to the likes of the Fitbit Charge and the Jawbone UP3 rather than the Fitbit Surge.

Does Polar A300 count steps?

Polar A300 has a 3D digital acceleration sensor to measure your wrist movement. The frequency, intensity and irregularity of your movements are registered and used to estimate the number of steps.

Does Polar A300 track heart rate?

The Polar A300 activity tracker and heart rate monitor captures your daily activity level, sleep quality, heart rate and other metrics to help you track and improve your fitness.

Is the polar A300 waterproof?

A300 is suitable for swimming and it is water resistant. When swimming, it is recommended to use a Polar H7/H10 heart rate sensor. In water, H7/H10 sends the heart rate at the GymLink frequency to A300. The sensor’s other frequency, Bluetooth® Smart, is used for other sports when H7/H10 is paired with your A300.

How accurate is Polar fitness Test?

The test was validated in a study on 52 healthy men, who didn’t belong to the group on whom the test was developed. The mean deviation in the Polar Fitness Test prediction was less than 12 %. The validity of the Polar Fitness Test is considered to be good.

How do you turn on a polar A300?

To start using Polar A300:

  1. Go to and download and install the FlowSync software to set up your A300.
  2. Detach the wristband.
  3. Plug your A300 to your computer either directly (picture 1) or with the USB cable (picture 2) for set up and charging the battery.

Does polar beat count steps?

Polar device reads your wrist movement and updates steps reading once a minute. It registers steps even if you’re e.g. swimming and not taking any actual steps. Polar device is designed to be worn in your non-dominant wrist.

How do I sync my polar A300 app?

  1. Sign into Flow app, and on your A300 go to Settings > General settings > Pair and sync > Sync data and press the START button.
  2. Connecting to device is displayed, followed by Connecting to app.
  3. Syncing completed is displayed when you are done.

Whats the difference between polar beat and flow?

The Polar Flow is a web service or “window” into your workouts, daily activity and sleep. Polar Flow allows you to view, assess and understand your workout data tracked with a Polar device such as the Polar Beat H10. With the powerful tool, you can do any of the following with your workout data: Track your sleep.

How do I clear the memory on my polar A300?

Reset your A300 by pressing and holding the UP, DOWN, BACK and LIGHT buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds until the Polar animation is shown on the display. This is called a soft reset, and it will not erase your data.

What do you need to know about the polar A300?

Polar A300 – First Impressions. The Polar A300 looks like just another one of Polar’s sports watches – but it’s actually far more basic. It’s an activity tracker at heart, like the Polar Loop, with neither GPS nor heart-rate monitoring. The latter function is supported via Polar’s excellent H7 heart-rate monitor chest strap,…

Is the polar rs300x a good watch?

The RS300 was a good watch, but its replacement RS300X ends up behaving in a much more solid way, the way the RS300 should have in the first place. I’d been happy with my RS300, which I’ve had for a few years.

Is the polar A300 a 24 hour heart rate monitor?

The Polar A300 does not do 24 hour heart rate monitoring or even wrist-based heart rate monitoring. It connects to the Polar H7 chest strap. Even better, I’ve been able to pair the Polar with my Scoshe Rythym + arm band Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor with Armband, Black since I’m not crazy about wearing a chest strap.

How much does a Polar heart rate monitor cost?

The watch can also be bundled with a heart-rate monitor for $180 (£120, AU$220 converted). Additional straps in white, black, pink, blue, gray and yellow can be had for $25 (£16 or AU$30 converted).