Is ophthalmic artery an end artery?

The central retinal artery is the most important branch of the ophthalmic artery because it is a so-called end artery, meaning that it is the only artery that supplies a given tissue, with no collateral circulation. Occlusion of an end artery results in a rapid ischemia and subsequent infarction.

Where does the ophthalmic artery terminate?

The OA terminates in two branches, the supratrochlear (or frontal) artery and the dorsal nasal artery. Both exit the orbit medially to supply the forehead and scalp.

Where does the ophthalmic artery supply blood to?

It supplies the eyelids, lacrimal gland, and conjunctiva. The ophthalmic artery gives off several posterior ciliary arteries that pass through the sclera and supply the posterior uveal tract. Because the posterior ciliary vessels are end vessels, sudden occlusion can produce infarction in the region of the choroid.

Is the ophthalmic artery a cerebral artery?

Ophthalmic artery (OA) is the first intracranial branch of internal carotid artery (ICA). It arises soon after ICA emerges from cavernous sinus, follows a short intracranial course, transverses the optic canal, and enters the orbit.

Which part of internal carotid artery is the major artery supply of the orbit?

ophthalmic artery
The ophthalmic artery (arteria ophthalmica) is the major blood supply of the orbit. It arises from the ICA (first branch of the ICA) as the ICA is emerging from the cavernous sinus on the medial side of the anterior clinoid process.

What are the three terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery?

Branches of ophthalmic artery (mnemonic)

  • D: dorsal nasal artery.
  • R: (central) retinal artery.
  • M: muscular artery.
  • C: ciliary arteries (long, short and anterior)
  • L: lacrimal artery.
  • E: ethmoidal arteries (anterior and posterior)
  • S: supraorbital artery.
  • S: supratrochlear artery (frontal artery)

What artery supplies blood to the face?

The blood supply is the facial artery, which is branch of the external carotid artery. It passes from medial of the mandible to the lateral side after traveling through the submandibular gland and rounding the lower mandibular inferior border.

What does Supratrochlear artery supply?

The supratrochlear artery supplies the medial aspect of the forehead and scalp.

What does the superficial temporal artery supply?

The superficial temporal artery (STA) is one of the terminal branches of the external carotid artery (ECA), and it together with other branches of the ECA, supplies the face and scalp 1.