Is Oge Kimono married?

Her death comes three months after Ras Kimono passed on….

Ras Kimono Bio
Cause of Death Heart Attack
Burial 25 August 2018 in Asaba, the Delta State capital, Nigeria
Occupation Artist
Wife Sybl later married his manager Efe Okedi

What is Ras Kimono real name?

Ukeleke Onwubuya
Ras Kimono/Full name

How old is Raskimono?

60 years (1958–2018)
Ras Kimono/Age at death

Where is ras Kimono state of origin?

Delta State
Oseloke Augustine Onwubuya, popularly known as Ras Kimono was born in Ekeleke Elumelu, Delta State, Nigeria, He started out his career as a student of Gbenoba Secondary School Agbor and later as a member of the Jastix Reggae Ital, alongside Majek Fashek, Amos McRoy Jegg and Black Rice Osagie.

Where was Ras Kimono buried?

Aniocha North
Nigerian Reggae Icon, Ras Kimono, has been buried in his hometown, Onicha-Olona, in Aniocha North, Delta State. COSON’s Head, Corporate Affairs, Chibueze Okereke, confirmed he was buried at 3.20 p.m. on Saturday. He also shared details from the burial rites.

Is Ras Kimono dead?

Deceased (1958–2018)
Ras Kimono/Living or Deceased

Is Ras Kimono alive?

Is Ras Kimono still alive?

What happened to Ras Kimono?

Three months after the death of reggae veteran, Ras Kimono, his widow, Efemena Okedi, has passed away on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Confirming the death of Efe, the Project Manager of Premiere Music, Michael Odiong, said the sad incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday, September 23. “Yes, Efe Kimono is dead.

What caused the death of Ras Kimono?

Heart attack
Ras Kimono/Cause of death
Ras Kimono’s brother-in-law, Theophilus Ehizibue, confirmed the incident. He noted that she died from a possible heart attack.

Who is Ras Kimono wife?

Efemena Okedim. ?–2018
Ras Kimono/Wife

Three months after di death of Nigerian reggae singer, Ras Kimono, im wife, Efemena ‘Efe’ Okedi, don die for Sunday, 23 September, 2018.

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