Is Northern Samar poor?

Northern Samar recorded the biggest decline in its poverty incidence among families to 27.4 percent in 2018 from 51.5 percent in 2015. The province of Southern Leyte, meanwhile, registered 17.2 percent poverty incidence among families in 2018, lower than the 32.7 percent in 2015.

What is Northern Samar known for?

Its major industries are agriculture, fishery and handicraft production. The agriculture includes rice and vegetable farming, cattle raising, banana and peanut plantation and oil manufacturing, etc.. The fishery consists of deep sea fishing, prawn and agar culture and fresh water fish culture, etc..

What is the capital city of Northern Samar?


Northern Samar
Region Eastern Visayas
Founded June 19, 1965
Capital Catarman

How many provinces are in Northern Samar?

three provinces
4221, Samar was divided into three provinces: Northern Samar, Western Samar and Eastern Samar. The capitals of the provinces are, respectively, Catarman, Catbalogan City, and Borongan City….Samar.

Area 13,428.8 km2 (5,184.9 sq mi)
Area rank 63rd
Coastline 800.6 km (497.47 mi)
Highest elevation 890 m (2920 ft)

Is Samar island safe?

Stay safe. Typhoons are a constant danger in Samar, and travellers must check for weather advisories before travelling. Typhoon Haiyan paralyzed the island, and it took over a year to rehabilitate damaged areas. Expect lack of services when the area is heavily struck.

What is the cleanest place in the Philippines?

Puerto Princesa
Known as the ‘the city in a forest’, Puerto Princesa is the largest city in Philippines boasting of 253,982 hectares of land area. Located in the western island of Palawan, the city has been acknowledged several times as the cleanest and the greenest city in the Philippines.

What is the poverty rate in Northern Samar?

Northern Samar recorded the biggest decline in its poverty incidence to 30.0 percent in the first semester of 2018 from 53.8 percent in the first semester of 2015. Poverty incidence in Samar dropped to 32.2 percent in the first semester in 2018 from 43.9 percent in the same period in 2015.

Where is the capital of the province of Samar?

Samar, formerly named as Western Samar, is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Catbalogan.It is bordered by Northern Samar, Eastern Samar, Leyte and the Leyte Gulf, and includes several islands in the Samar Sea.

Which is the second poorest region in the Philippines?

(Photo by Ruth Lumibao/Bulatlat) Eastern Visayas is the second poorest region in the Philippines, and three of the provinces in the region are part of the top 10 poorest provinces in the country: Eastern Samar (2nd), Northern Samar (9th), and Western Samar (10th).

What are the major economic activities in Samar?

In 1965, Northern and Eastern Samar were created. Fishing and agriculture are the major economic activities in the province. On 8 November 2013, the province was significantly damaged by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), particularly the towns of Basey, Marabut and Santa Rita .