Is Lavaloon good at TH10?

*MUST USE TH10 ATTACK STRATEGY* LavaLoon is still the Best Town Hall 10 Attack in Clash of Clans!

What do Lava Hounds attack?

Lava Hounds prioritize Air Defenses above all other targets, and will bypass all other enemy buildings and troops while any Air Defenses remain on the battlefield. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy Clan Castle troops, heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons.

Is Lavaloon still good?

Lava Loon Is still so STRONG! Today I have Storm❤️Lava on the channel who has zero trophies because he only ever plays in challenges! This is a perfect deck to learn and master because lava loon has stood the test of time just like 2.6 hog or 2.9 x-bow.

How do you properly use Lavaloon?

Drop the Archer Queen to clean up Air Defenses along with 4 balloons with a haste spell to take down outer defenses. This makes a funnel for your troops to go in. When some defenses are destroyed, drop 2 lava hounds and most of your balloons (spread the balloons out).

Is Lava Hound good for defense?

Much like Golems, they’re useful as an attack tank, but for air units. They protect Dragons, Minions, Healers and Balloons, much like Golems protect a group of Wizards or Witches. They can distract Air Defenses, which prevents the Air Defenses from destroying a group of Dragons, Balloons or Minions.

Are lava hounds any good?

Lava Hound is a good air tank with high hitpoints, so it is best used as a shield for air troops with higher damage and less hitpoints like Minions, Mega Minion and the Inferno Dragon. The Lava Hound can also tank for the said units, then they return the favor by tanking for its pups.

Is LavaLoon still good?

How do you defend with Lavaloon?

Best tips to DEFEND against… LAVALOON?

  1. attack the other lane but don’t overcommit, just don’t let them create a monster push.
  2. if you play golem or giant you can attack the same lane (?)
  3. let the hound get near to tower first, then place your buildings and troops for the incoming Balloon/troops.