Is Korean Yugioh OCG?

Being part of the OCG, Korean cards follow Japanese printing schedules. However, they also follow some TCG product lines, such as the Hidden Arsenal series, and have a few exclusive sets and cards (such as Token cards from Anniversary Pack).

What is the OCG Yugioh?

The OCG is the original version of Yu-Gi-Oh! and is played in Japan, China, Korea, and other countries near those regions. Meanwhile, the TCG is an adapted version of the game that is played in the Americas, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Are TCG cards legal in OCG?

OCG cards) can only be played in Asian territories and are not legal for use in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG events.

Is Yugioh Korean?

card game manufactured by Konami. It is played mainly in Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Asia including China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. OCG cards are printed exclusively in Japanese (JP) , Korean (KR) and Simplified Chinese (SC) now.

What do fake Yugioh cards look like?

Authentic cards will have a shiny, square stamp on the bottom right corner of the front of the card with the words “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in small, horizontal script. Fake cards may be missing the foil stamp or the letters may be arranged vertically. The color of the foil should be either gold or silver.

Can you use fake cards Yugioh tournament?

They’re just a hobbyist, and they’re in no way representing their creation s an official product; rather something they’ve created for a different purpose. These cards are illegal in tournaments and not what your family member, spouse, or friend is looking for.

What Yu-Gi-Oh cards are worth money?

10 Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Cards That Are Secretly Worth A Fortune

  1. Tournament Black Luster Soldier (1999)
  2. Tyler The Great Warrior (2002)
  3. Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10 (2002)
  4. Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein PSA 10 (2004)
  5. Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon PSA 10 (2002)
  6. Amatsu Okami Of The Divine Peaks (2018)

What does Yogiyo mean in Korean?

“Yogiyo ” means something like “over here, please” so not really appropriate. My Korean is awful, but the other one is “Choesong hamnida” meaning more like the “sorry” type of excuse me, if you tread on someone’s toes for example.

How can you tell if a Yugioh card is real Korean?

Check for lowercase letters in a card name. All genuine Yu Gi Oh! cards feature the names of the monster or ability in all caps. If any of the letters in the name are lowercase, then the card is a counterfeit. The effect text will have lower case letters, but the card name will not.