Is KnockerBall a good business?

Making $81,000 in just his third year in business is impressive, and very attainable if you’re willing to put in the hard work. If you’re looking to skyrocket your income and bring laughter and smiles to people faces every day, start your own Knockerball business!

What is Knockball?

Knockball is a polished little game with simple mechanics in which players do exactly what the title suggests: knock balls. With each unique level, players must take the same golden ball and hurl it into the other balls and structures to clear the level of silver balls.

What is KnockerBall soccer?

Knockerball® is a single-chamber inflatable plastic bubble with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Players get in the â�œdonut-holeâ� part of the ball head-first, secure the straps (like a backpack) and hold on to the inside handles for stability and control.

Is Knockerball safe?

Some may be thinking, “How could anyone get hurt while suspended inside a big bubble?” In fact, Knockerball insists that its bubbles are “incredibly fun and safe,” saying that playing Knockerball is “probably the most fun you’ll ever have without getting hurt,” and adding that its product allows people to “defy pain.” …

How much is Knockerball?

Item Price
KnockerBall® TPU Black XL $339.00
KnockerBall® TPU Red XL $339.00
KnockerBall® TPU Clear XL $339.00
KnockerBall® TPU Clear Medium $299.00

How long can you stay in a Bubble Ball?

It says a ride usually lasts about seven to 10 minutes, and the balls are not dangerous as long as they are used safely.

Is Wubble bubble safe?

Wubble balls are made of super-thermo-stretchtacular stuff, as you know. This stuff contains totally safe oils that help it be so stretchy and strong. Especially when deflated, over time, the oils can transfer to porous surfaces.

Can you suffocate in a Zorb?

The US government is warning people to stay out of giant, see-through inflatable spheres known as “water walking balls”, because of the risk of suffocation or drowning. The commission is worried about too little oxygen in the balls, as well as the buildup of carbon dioxide.

Can you lay on a Wubble Bubble ball?

“You can’t break them. They are indestructible. You can sit on them, play with them anywhere, so we ordered them, thinking they would be fun,” Denise told KDKA-TV news anchor/Does It Really Do That reporter Jennifer Antkowiak.

Where is the best place to play Knockerball?

To play outside, look to places like your local football and soccer fields, sports complexes, parks or your own backyard. To play inside, look to places like basketball courts, indoor soccer facilities or other open venues. “Knockerball® was the perfect game for my summer football camp.

What was the first use of knockerballs?

“Knockerballs have been amazing for our program and our students. Our first use generated a huge audience taking pictures and videos. One post on our Facebook page with a short video reached over 19,000 people and received nearly 8,000 views. The company also has great people to work with and have helped us with every need we have had.

Why was Knockerball good for summer football camp?

“Knockerball® was the perfect game for my summer football camp. Competitive, entertaining, and unique. Both the kids and the coaches could not get enough of it. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a group activity with a lot of laughs. As exciting as it is to play, it is just as compelling to watch!