Is kalrez the same as Viton?

[email protected] perfluoroelastomer parts combine the elastomeric properties of VITON” fluoroelastomer with the chemical resistance of [email protected] fluorocarbon resins. vinylidene fluoride based fluoroelastomer (FKM) and KALREZ perfluoroelastomer-for service in over 1,600 chemicals and fluids.

What is Kalrez rubber?

Kalrez® 6190. DuPont™ Kalrez® 6190 perfluoroelastomer parts are a carbon black-filled product specifically designed for custom part and high volume applications. It has excellent thermal stability good mechanical strength properties and can be used in both static and dynamic sealing applications up to 300 °C (572 °F).

What is compatibility chart for chemicals?

This Chemical Compatibility Chart is a shorthand tool for describing the suitability of miniature fluidic and pneumatic component materials for use in contact with various chemicals. Use this chart to help guide your component selection.

What is Viton not compatible with?

It is a synthetic rubber that resists many hydrocarbons, biodiesel, and petro chemicals, but is NOT compatible with ketones. Do not use Viton with acetone, esters, amines, organic acids, acetic acid, MEK, ethyl acetate, highly polar chemicals, etc.

What is FKM O ring material?

FKM is the ASTM designation for a class of fluorinated, carbon-based synthetic rubber, commonly known as fluoroelastomer. FKM has impressive heat resistance, allowing FKM seals to withstand temperatures greater than 200°C.

Is Viton an EPDM?

Viton is a fluoropolymer and EPDM is derived from ethylene and propylene. The result is a contrast in two important properties—chemical resistance and temperature tolerances—between the two materials.

What is Viton rubber used for?

A Viton™ seal is simply a seal manufactured from Viton™. These seals or gaskets are commonly used to seal leaks, valves, pumps and similar. Viton™ o rings are the most common type of seal, which we provide here at NES in a variety of sizes and profiles.

When was kalrez invented?

Given the chemical structure and performance similarities of FFKMs to PTFE, perfluoroelastomers are sometimes referred to as an elastomeric form of PTFE. Perfluoroelastomers were first developed in the late 1960s, and were trademarked as Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts, by The DuPont Company.

How do you test for chemical compatibility?

How to Test Materials for Chemical Resistance

  1. Use a jig with a strain level to accelerate stress cracking, such as 1.5%
  2. Put plastic material flex bars on the jig.
  3. Apply a piece of cotton soaked in commonly used hospital chemicals to the flex bar and put the bars and jig in a closed plastic bag for 24 hours.

What chemicals should you not store together?

10 Sets of Chemicals Which Should Never Be Stored Together

  • Chlorine. Chlorine is a common disinfectant, is widely used in swimming pools and leisure centres.
  • Acetone.
  • Iodine.
  • H20 (Water)
  • Caustic Soda.
  • Nitric Acid.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Zinc Powder.

Is Viton good for caustic?

Unlike EPDM, Viton has a good resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids. It is resistant to most chemicals, but not to for example Acetic acid, Ammonia, Caustic soda, Formic acid and Potassium hydroxide.

Is silicone compatible with isopropyl alcohol?

In general – be careful with silicone tubes and gaskets with oil products. Depending on the content of the products silicone may – or may not – be resistant….Chemical resistance of silicone.

Substance Classification
Isopropyl alcohol 82 conditionally resistant
Mineral oil, 20oC conditionally resistant

What kind of chemical resistance does Kalrez 6221 have?

DuPont™ Kalrez® 6221 perfluoroelastomer parts are a white product that provide superior chemical resistance and low contamination from extractables in pharmaceutical and food handling applications where FDA compliance is required.

How does Kalrez Application Guide help you choose the best product?

The Kalrez® Application Guide (KAG) helps ensure you choose the best Kalrez® product for your application. The selection tool rates all Kalrez® products in each industry in which Kalrez® is used. Application temperatures and pressures can be input for more accurate product selection.

What kind of Kalrez parts are used in oil and gas wells?

DuPont™ Kalrez® 3035 perfluoroelastomer parts are a carbon black filled product well suited for use in production of valve stem packings. The mechanical properties and chemical resistance of Kalrez® 3065 make it the best choice for many oil and gas well environments.

What makes Kalrez elastomer better than other sealants?

The long-term, proven performance of Kalrez® parts can mean less frequent seal changes, repairs, and inspections, increasing process and equipment uptime for greater productivity and yield. Kalrez® products provide the best possible seal performance in aggressive environments. Your browser does not support the video tag.