Is Jackie Chan a Shaolin?

The Martial Arts Background of Jackie Chan All told, Chan has trained in Shaolin Kung-fu, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. “He took his Hapkido seriously, practicing for hours at a time,” said Kim according to article at In fact, Kim noted that Chan was one of the hardest working people he’d ever been around.

Is Shaolin movie a real story?

Abbot Shi Yongxin will serve as executive producer for the first of three features, entitled The Legend of the Monk Warriors of Shaolin Temple, based on a true story of 30 warrior monks who fought 16th-century pirates. Filming will start next year.

Who is the strongest Shaolin?

Martial arts career

  • The Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China.
  • Shi Yan Ming in front of the Buddhist shrine at USA Shaolin Temple, housed in a second story Lower Manhattan loft.
  • Shi’s punches can exert up to 772 lbf (3,430 N) of force.

What is the movie Shaolin about?

After a shocking betrayal by his sworn brother, a general (Andy Lau) takes refuge at a Shaolin temple and learns martial arts from a crazy cook (Jackie Chan).
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What is Jackie Chan’s nickname?

Jackie Chan
Pao PaoSing LungY’uen Lo
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Can Shaolin monks fight?

Kung-fu flicks glorify battles and Shaolin monks are the only clerics in the world with street cred and pop-icon status. They’re unparalleled fighters, who perform amazing bodily feats, acrobatics that seem like magic.

What does Shaolin mean in English?

What does Shaolin mean? The Shao in “Shaolin” refers to “Mount Shaoshi”, a mountain in the Songshan mountain range. The lin in “Shaolin” means “forest”. Literally, the name means “Monastery in the woods of Mount Shaoshi”.

Where does the movie Shaolin take place in China?

The film’s story is about a ruthless warlord who seeks refuge and redemption at Shaolin Temple after his second-in-command betrays him. The film was also released in Mandarin and Cantonese languages. The film is set in Dengfeng, Henan during the warlord era of early Republican China.

Who are the main characters in Shaolin movie?

1 Andy Lau as Hou Jie (侯傑), a warlord. 2 Nicholas Tse as Cao Man (曹蠻), Hou Jie’s second-in-command. 3 Jackie Chan as Wudao (悟道), the Shaolin cook monk. 4 Fan Bingbing as Yan Xi (顏夕), Hou Jie’s wife. 5 Wu Jing as Jingneng (淨能), Hou Jie’s oldest senior. 6 Xing Yu as Jingkong (淨空), Hou Jie’s second senior.

How much did it cost to build the Shaolin Temple?

Chan and his crew built their own “Shaolin Temple” in Zhejiang that cost 10 million yuan (US$1.47 million) to avoid damaging the actual temple. The cast members shaved their heads bald for filming, whereas Chan, who wore a hat, shaved around his head where his hair was sticking out.

Who is Huo Long in the movie Shaolin?

Hou Jie, a ruthless warlord, defeats a rival, Huo Long, and seizes control of Dengfeng. Huo Long flees to Shaolin Temple to hide, but Hou Jie appears and shoots him after tricking him into giving up his treasure map.