Is it safe in Pagadian City?

Pagadian City is not a very big city so you can try many activities in just a short stay. If you intend to go to bars to experience nightlife, it is best to find a local to accompany you. Nonetheless, Pagadian is usually safe and quiet. The city is outside the country’s typhoon belt so it’s best to wear light clothing.

What is Pagadian known for?

Pagadian, known as the “Little Hong Kong of the South” for its mountainous terrain, is the capital of the province of Zamboanga del Sur and the regional center of Zamboanga Peninsula.

What is the famous tourist spot in Zamboanga del Sur and why is it popular?

Merloquet Falls is among the popular Zamboanga Del Sur tourist spots. It looks like rice terraces where white waters gently cascade. It has a naturally-built pool where you can have an invigorating swim. You can also climb on one of the layers and let the waters give you a caressing massage.

What are the barangays in Pagadian City?


  • Balangasan (poblacion)
  • Banale.
  • Buenavista.
  • Dao.
  • Dumagoc.
  • Gatas (poblacion)
  • Kawit.
  • Napolan.

Why is Pagadian called Little Hongkong of the South?

Pagadian is called the “Little Hong Kong of the South” because of its rolling terrain, reminiscent of the former Crown colony. Shops and restaurants also litter the city, said Co.

What is the sardines capital of the Philippines?

Zamboanga is noted as the Sardines Capital of the Philippines because 8 out of 11 sardines companies in the country are operating in the city. The canning factories are converged in the west coast of Zamboanga.

Which Zamboanga is best?

16 Places to Visit in Zamboanga + Things To Do

  1. Pink Sand Beach & Great Santa Cruz Island. Pink Beach at Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga City, Philippines.
  2. Fort Pilar Shrine.
  3. Fort Pilar Museum.
  4. Zamboanga City Hall.
  5. Paseo del Mar.
  6. Cawa-Cawa Boulevard (R.T.
  7. Zamboanga Golf Club and Beach Resort.
  8. Yakan Weaving Village.

What is the region of Panabo City?

Davao Region

Region Davao Region
Province Davao del Norte
District 2nd district
Founded July 19, 1949