Is it better to help slackjaw or Granny Rags?

Though Granny Rags will become hostile when Bend Time ends, she will not detect Corvo if he is not within sight. Slackjaw will win if Corvo kills all the rats that can attack Slackjaw.

What do I get for helping Granny Rags?

Dishonored. What’s the point in helping Granny Rags over Slackjaw? Seriously, she just gives you a rune that you can get anyways, and slackjaw gives you tons of money.

How do you save slackjaw without killing granny?

There are basically, four ways of dealing with Granny…

  1. Defeat Granny by burning the cameo. If you’re careful, this method isn’t that hard to accomplish.
  2. Help Slackjaw defeat Granny.
  3. Steal the key from Granny and run (or blink, to avoid being heard by Granny).
  4. Help Granny.

Does fighting Granny Rags count as detection?

If you allow her to regain her balance, she will have three white alert bars, and it is reported that there is a bug, in which this counts as detection, even though three white bars should not.

Should I avoid Granny Rags?

It’s not necessary to completely avoid Granny Rags to get the Clean Hands achievement, as none of her quests involve killing anyone. In her first quest, rendering the gang members knocking on her door unconscious will be counted as succeeding, and she will give you a rune as a reward.

Does killing weepers count against clean hands?

Similarly, deaths resulting from a fight between guards and weepers, or thugs, are not counted as kills.

How do Daud’s assassins have powers?

Assassins gain their powers through Daud’s Arcane Bond. This means they also have access to Vitality, Shadow Kill and the ability to move through Daud’s Bend Time if he chooses to let them. In addition to the use of their swords, Assassins use their wristbows to perform ranged attacks.

Is Granny Rags dead?

Granny Rags is killed in the sewers by Corvo during the events of Dishonored. Her marked left hand was eventually discovered by Paolo, leader of the Howlers, who uses it in Dishonored 2 to gain Vera’s power of longevity and ability to cheat death.