Is Iniesta a good dribbler?

While our former midfielder Andres Iniesta is ranked 8th with 739 dribbles, he tops the list of the most successful dribblers – his dribble success rate is 60.9%. Messi comes close second with 57.2% and Hazard with 57.1%.

Why did Andrés Iniesta leave Barcelona?

It’s a very strong word to label it as that,” he told reporters. I’ve always said it. If I had felt the desire or the strength to continue playing in Barcelona I would’ve loved to come here a year later playing for Barca against Vissel, but my moment ended. “Now, I’m in another place enjoying it in another way.

Does Iniesta still play for Barcelona?

He played the 650th game of his career for Barcelona against Levante on 7 January 2018, he was replaced by André Gomes after 76 minutes as the game ended 3–0 in favour of Barcelona. Despite signing a lifetime contract, on 27 April 2018, Iniesta announced he would be leaving Barcelona by the end of the season.

How do you beat Xavi and Iniesta?

How to Play as Fast as Xavi and Iniesta

  1. Check your shoulders! Most players are constantly staring at the ball.
  2. Look for defenders, passing options, spacing, etc.
  3. Check both shoulders, not just one, so you get a 360 degree view.
  4. Keep your body angled up the field.
  5. Check your shoulders early!
  6. Do what the game shows you.

Is Xavi the greatest midfielder ever?

Barcelona icon Andres Iniesta has been named the best midfielder of all time ahead of German legend Lothar Matthaus and fellow club legend Xavi. The 36-year-old Spanish midfielder spent the majority of his playing career at the Camp Nou and established a formidable partnership with Xavi.

How can I be like Xavi?

How to Play Like Xavi

  1. Xavi: Check Your Shoulder.
  2. Xavi’s Key Traits as a Footballer.
  3. Keeps the ball moving.
  4. Always has his head up and knows where everyone is on the field.
  5. His touch and control are second to none.
  6. Steady and calm on the ball.
  7. Excellent at using his body like to protect the ball.
  8. Juggling skills.