Is Headless Horseman Mount account wide?

Mounts will be account wide, which means whatever character you play, no matter the server, will have access to all mounts available on whatever characters had the mounts.

Can the acherus Deathcharger fly?

Flight speed at this skill level has been increased to 150% of run speed, up from 60%.

Do achievements transfer WoW?

Character-specific achievements will transfer to the new account, but most other achievements won’t. PvP Arena ratings may change after transferring to a new realm.

Is the TBC Mount account wide?

Since mounts are now account-wide, if you transfer your character to a different account, mounts you earned with the character will not transfer, will remain on the original account. This is intended.

How do you get a death knight flying mount?


  1. This death knight-only flying mount can be purchased from Dread Commander Thalanor in Acherus: The Ebon Hold for 1,000. .
  2. A Death Knight Exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade or a Death Knight Goblin can buy the Steed for 700.
  3. When Acherus moves to the Broken Isles, Quartermaster Ozorg sells it for 1,000.

How do you get Dreadsteed?

Simply kill Lord Hel’nurath, then speak to the Dreadsteed Spirit. Upon speaking to the Dreadsteed Spirit, you will be able to complete the quest Dreadsteed of Xoroth which will grant the spell Dreadsteed.

Can the Ironbound Wraithcharger fly?

Edit: it seems it will fly, since it’s as of right now at the same price as the dragonhawk, which can fly.

Can I play 2 WoW accounts at the same time?

Launch the desktop app, Launch the Blizzard desktop app on the second system. The first system will be logged out of the app, but World of Warcraft will stay logged in, Launch the World of Warcraft account you want to play on the second system.