Is Glock 31 a good gun?

The Glock 31 is the company’s offering for those into high velocity or long distance handgun shooting. The G31 also comes with a large magazine capacity, making it an excellent self-defense or duty sidearm.

What caliber is the Glock 31?

357 SIG
The high-performance GLOCK 31 is characterized by a high muzzle velocity, ideal for long shooting distances. This 357 SIG pistol is the optimum solution for those looking for these attributes in a reliable, yet lightweight, pistol with a large magazine capacity.

Is the Glock 31 a full size pistol?

The Glock 31 is a full size model, identical in exterior dimensions to the Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm. It’s 7.95″ long, 5.43″ high, and 1.18″ wide. It features a 4.49″ barrel with 6.5″ between the front and rear sights.

What’s the difference between a Glock 32 and a Glock 31?

The Glock 32 Gen 4 is very similar to the Glock 31 with minor differences in height, weight, recoil, and length. It has the same overall and slide width as the Glock 31, but it’s almost a 1/2″ shorter to offer more versatility. The Glock 32 has a higher felt-recoil than most other Glocks, including the .

What Glocks 357 sig?

Designed as a compact model, the GLOCK 32, in 357 SIG, offers a unique combination of versatility, convincing ballistics, optimum carry comfort, and the legendary GLOCK pistol reliability.

Can a Glock 357 shoot 9mm?

So yes, you can shoot 9mm out of a . 357 bore weapon, with pretty good accuracy too. Honestly though, it’s a sub-optimal set up, and unless you have some real reason to do it (or get a really good deal on the revolver), you’re better off just getting a 9mm pistol.

What ammo does a GLOCK 32 use?

The firearm is chambered for the . 357 cartridge and feeds from a standard 13-round fitting. There is an optional 15- and 17-round magazine count available as well. Magazines are inserted through the base of the pistol grip in the usual way.