Is Fulham Gardens a good suburb?

Reviews of Fulham Gardens, SA It is often overlooked and that is its secret….a hidden gem. Enter the suburbs and discover: small parks dotted within the suburb; well maintained gardens; roads within this suburb being excellently maintained; overall peaceful, quiet and safe.

What suburb is 5024?


Postcode Suburb Category
5024 WEST BEACH, SA Delivery Area
6450 WEST BEACH, WA Delivery Area

What is the postcode for Glenelg?

Glenelg/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Plympton?

Plympton/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Somerton Park?

Somerton Park/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Fulham Gardens Adelaide?

Fulham Gardens, South Australia (Adelaide) Postcode: 5024. Latitude: -34.913. Longitude: 138.514. State: South Australia (capital: Adelaide – 8.0km away) Nearest Urban Centre: Adelaide, SA (8km away) Area Code: 08 (+61 8 from overseas)

How many people live in Fulham Gardens SA?

Fulham Gardens is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia and is about 8 kms west of SA’s capital city of Adelaide. In the 2011 Australian census the population of Fulham Gardens was 5,878 when there were 2,991 Females and 2,887 Males living there. The median age for people living in Fulham Gardens was 44.

How to find Fulham Australia Post postcode?

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Where is the entrance to Fulham Palace Road?

The cemetery is bounded by stone walls, piers and railings along the main road and within the grounds the grid of walks is lined with small trees and lime trees along the boundary with Fulham Palace Road. The main avenue from the entrance on Fulham Palace Road runs to Munster Road, which was laid out when the cemetery was extended in 1874.