Is Forum Energy Technologies going out of business?

Forum Energy Technologies (FET) announced today the closing of a merger among five separate companies, Forum Oilfield Technologies, Triton Group, Subsea Services International, Global Flow Technologies, and Allied Technology, to form FET.

Who owns Forum Energy Technologies?

Forum Energy Technologies

Type Public company
Founded Incorporated in 2005 Renamed from Forum Oilfield Technologies, Inc. to Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. in August 2010
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States
Key people C. Christopher Gaut (Chairman & CEO) James W. Harris (Executive VP & CFO)

What does Forum Energy Technologies do?

FET (Forum Energy Technologies) is a global company, serving the oil, natural gas, industrial, and renewable energy industries. FET provides value-added solutions that increase the safety and efficiency of energy exploration and production.

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Top 5 Advantages Of Online Forums You Can’t Ignore | Kahootz

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