Is Ele better than ELFX?

ELFX visually looks more cinematic but it suffers from feature bloat… while ELE seems to be more technically sound, and less prone to conflict. ELE + RS certainly seems a hell of a lot darker the ELFX with the base settings.

Is rlo compatible with ELE?

As long as RLO does not do any cell menu changes, ELE with RLO should not need any special TES5EDIT editing.

Is relighting Skyrim compatible with ELFX?

ELFX and relighting skyrim arent compatible out of the box. Neovalen in skyrim revisited provides a subset of relighting skyrim made to be compatible with ELFX.

What is the best weather mod for Skyrim se?

Top 9 Weather Mods For Skyrim Special Edition

  • Rustic Weathers and Lighting.
  • Dolomite Weathers.
  • Natural & Atmospheric Tamriel.
  • Obsidian Weathers & Seasons.
  • Aequinoctium Weathers & Seasons.
  • Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.
  • True Storms.
  • Conclusion.

What is ELFX enhancer?

ELFX Enhancer is awesome, but sometimes it feels like you are looking through sun glasses. This mod changes the white scale so that light sources brightly illuminate! It also darkens the interior fog as in ELFX, the distance was slightly brighter than up close.

Is Obsidian weather compatible with ELFX?

Compatible with all interior lighting overhauls (ie, ELE, RS, ELFX, RLO).

How do I use ENB Skyrim?

Look up the one you’d like to install. Quite a few can be found on the Skyrim Nexus. When you’ve found one to your liking, download the file and extract the archive as well. Generally, you’ll have to just copy the ENB files from the archive you just extracted and copy it to your Skyrim root folder as well.

What is Fomod?

What is a FOMOD file? Game file used by Fallout mod programs such as Fallout mod manager (FOMM) and Nexus Mod Manager (NMM); contains files that, when installed, change game content for Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas; used for applying custom mods developed by game community members. The FOMOD format may use .