Is Dulux lexicon GREY or white?

Dulux Lexicon® If you like a contemporary interior, Lexicon® is a very fresh cool white. The “bold white also pairs brilliantly with timber flooring, exposed brick and polished concrete.

What colour is Dulux lexicon quarter?

A cool fresh white, Lexicon® Quarter is the perfect choice for modern, open-plan spaces. Create a vibrant mood that allows you to showcase eclectic artworks and furnishings.

Is lexicon blue or GREY?

A popular white for a modern interior, Lexicon looks great with greys and neutrals. It truly is a versatile white in that, in full strength, it can be a cold, cool striking white which looks good with greys, charcoals and in a modern setting.

What colour is Dulux lexicon half?

Dulux Lexicon® Half Paint Colour – SW1G2 – whites-neutrals.

What is the difference between Lexicon and Lexicon quarter?

Remember the ‘quarter’ there is a big difference between full strength Lexicon or Lexicon Half. A white which you really cannot go wrong with! This is the whitest of whites! This white has a blueish/grey undertone so it is definitely a cooler white, perfect for a coastal style home.

Is Dulux Highgate a cool colour?

Highgate by Dulux isn’t a conventional white. But don’t let its stronger cool, blue undertone scare you away as it’s the perfect shade when it comes to set a mood!

What is lexicon Dulux?

6WLexicon® Bring a smart, modern look to your home with this crisp white. Lexicon® is a ‘space opener’ and its fresh feel lets you bring textures and cooler coloured furnishings into play.

Is Dulux Highgate a cool Colour?

Is Dulux silver tea set warm or cool?

The beautiful, soft silver-grey of Silver Tea Set is slightly on the warmer side and perfect for interior walls to create a subtle Hamptons look. It is also a great main wall or trim colour for exteriors.

What undertone is whisper white?

It certainly does have slightly cream / beige undertones, and it’s on the warmer side of the white spectrum. However, when this paint is up on a wall in most lights it reads WHITE and not CREAM.

What colour is lexicon?

Bring a smart, modern look to your home with this crisp white. Lexicon® is a ‘space opener’ and its fresh feel lets you bring textures and cooler coloured furnishings into play.

What is a warm grey paint colour?

Warm greys work best in north facing rooms, big open plan spaces and rooms you are going to use more at night. They create a relaxed cosy atmosphere and work well with wood and natural leather. Our 4 most popular warm greys are: Pebble Shore, Perfectly Taupe, Misty Mountain and Thimble Case.

How is the lexicon used in Dulux paint?

View topic – Dulux Lexicon – anyone used this recently? • Home Renovation & Building Forum Dulux Lexicon – anyone used this recently? our new house is currently being painted with Lexicon and I could nearly cry because its not at all what I was hoping for. Its throwing way too much blue and just doesn’t have that slight grey tone I was expecting.

What kind of paint does DECUS interiors use?

Alexandra Donohoe and her team of designers at Decus Interiors used Dulux Vivid White throughout this home and on its joinery. Bec and George from The Block used Dulux Vivid White in their new home. Dulux White on White has been used as the main colour in this Albert Park renovation and below in the Dulux Inspiration image.

Do you have a full strength Dulux lexicon?

Re: Dulux Lexicon – anyone used this recently? We have ceiling white ceilings and Lexicon (not half or quarter, that is, full strength). As others have said, outs doesn’t have a hint of blue. Also, we have no cornices (square set).

What kind of carpet do you use with Dulux lexicon?

I too am going for charcoal carpet, also black and white kitchen, bathroom etc.I found some good charcoal carpets at carpet court, in both wool and nylon varieties. I actually have a sample pot of lexicon, which I should probably paint something to see it for myself.Our building co also use solver paints too.