Is cytarabine a strong chemo?

Cytarabine is a type of chemotherapy drug and is also known by its brand name, Ara C. It is a treatment for: acute leukaemias (cancers of the blood) some lymphomas (cancers of the lymph glands)

How is cytarabine synthesized?

Cytarabine is transported into the cell primarily by hENT-1. It is then monophosphorylated by deoxycytidine kinase and eventually cytarabine-5´-triphosphate, which is the active metabolite being incorporated into DNA during DNA synthesis. Several mechanisms of resistance have been reported.

What is the mechanism of action of cytarabine?

Mechanism of Action Cytarabine is a pyrimidine analog and is also known as arabinosylcytosine (ARA-C). It is converted into the triphosphate form within the cell and competes with cytidine to incorporate itself in the DNA. The sugar moiety of cytarabine hinders the rotation of the molecule within the DNA.

What is cytarabine used for?

Cytarabine is used alone or with other chemotherapy drugs to treat certain types of leukemia (cancer of the white blood cells), including acute myeloid leukemia (AML), acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), and chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML).

Do you lose your hair with cytarabine?

This medicine may cause a temporary loss of hair in some people. After treatment with cytarabine has ended, normal hair growth should return.

Does cytarabine cause myelosuppression?

Hematologic The main adverse effect of cytarabine is myelosuppression, and grade 3/4 toxicity occurs in virtually all patients treated with cytarabine-based regimens as part of induction therapy for acute myeloid leukemia. Infection is also extremely common and affects more than 60% of patients.

How effective is cytarabine?

The overall survival data with the use of cytarabine in conventional and high dose regimen is approximately 40% with remission rates of 70–80% and relapse-free 5 years survival of 40-70%[15]. Standard intensive treatment improves early death rates and long-term survival compared with palliation.

Where is cytarabine found?

Pharmacology and mechanism of action Anticancer agent. Cytarabine (Cytosar) is a compound isolated from a sea sponge. It has also been referred to as cytosine arabinoside and Ara-C. Cytarabine is metabolized to an active drug that inhibits DNA synthesis.

Does cytarabine cause hair loss?

What is the best food to eat after chemo?

Whole Grains and Starchy Vegetables: oats, quinoa, barley, brown rice, popcorn, corn, potatoes, peas, winter squash, and 100% whole grain bread, pasta, cereal, and crackers. Nutritious Fats: olive oil, canola oil, nut butters (such as peanut butter or almond butter), avocado, nuts, and seeds.

Do you lose your hair with Cytarabine?

How long after chemo does hair stop falling out?

Hair does not usually fall out as soon as you start chemotherapy. It usually takes several weeks or cycles of treatment and tends to fall out 1 or 2 months into treatment.