Is Contentful any good?

Contentful has great built-in versioning features with history and draft states so it’s easy to make updates and revert when needed. Contentful has an intuitive user interface and good support for multiple spaces (which can be helpful for companies that need separate projects for dev/staging/production).

What is Contentful good for?

With an uncluttered user interface, Contentful is an efficient tool for creating and managing your content online, either alone or in team. Assign custom roles and permissions to team members, add validations depending on the kind of content you have to insert and add media such as images, documents, sounds or video.

What type of CMS is Contentful?

headless CMS
“Contentful is a modern headless CMS that our teams have successfully integrated into their development workflows. We particularly like its API-first approach and implementing CMS as code.”

Is Contentful expensive?

Contentful is expensive if your project needs don’t allow you to use the free/community plan. You do get a lot of features for the paid plans, but there’s a big jump between the free plan and the first tier paid plan.

Is Contentful free?

We’re excited to announce that developers can now use Contentful for free, forever. Our new Community edition offers a full set of features that avoids the restrictions that often exclude new or small businesses to the digital game.

Is Contentful a headless CMS?

Download the Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS to learn how the next generation of agile CMS options can work for you. Contentful is head and shoulders above other headless CMS vendors: Most recognized by analysts. Most trusted by global enterprises.

Is Contentful a backend?

Our fully managed backend service gives you complete flexibility to create excellent digital experiences. We’re making bloated workarounds for presentation-prescription CMSes a thing of the past. Contentful puts the power back into the hands of the people that create your content.

Is Netlify a CMS?

Netlify CMS is an open source content management system for your Git workflow that enables you to provide editors with a friendly UI and intuitive workflows. You can use it with any static site generator to create faster, more flexible web projects. Platform agnostic: Works with most static site generators.

Can you use Contentful for free?

At Contentful, we believe that every developer should have access to the tools they need to build engaging digital experiences. We’re excited to announce that developers can now use Contentful for free, forever.

Is Gatsby a CMS?

Headless Content Management Systems & Gatsby With plugins, Gatsby supports several headless CMS services, including Contentful, Ghost and Prismic. You can use WordPress’ REST API as a headless CMS, so that your content team can continue to use the editing tools with which they’re familiar.

Is headless CMS the future?

The future of CMS is quickly moving away from traditional, database-driven systems and toward API-driven headless or decoupled systems. Consumers are making use of more devices and channels than ever before, and brands simply have to meet them there in order to provide quality omnichannel customer experiences.

What language does Contentful use?

You can use the server-side programming language and frameworks of your choice (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, . NET, or even JavaScript with Node. js), together with your preferred templating system, to generate pages dynamically on each request.