Is Christmas tree preservative harmful to cats?

If your tree is real, don’t use any chemicals in the water – cats WILL drink out of it in preference to their nicely presented fresh water bowl, and tree preservatives are toxic.

How can I protect my Christmas tree from my cat?

Most cats hate foil and citrus scents, so wrap your tree trunk in foil, and place a few lemon or orange peels around the base. You can also place pine cones around the base.

How do I keep my cat from drinking the Christmas tree water?

To keep the dog and cats out, take a plastic lid, such as a margarine or ice cream pail lid. Cut a slit to the middle, and then cut out a circle in the middle the size of the tree trunk. Slip this around the tree trunk and lower it so it covers the water container. You may have to tape it down to keep the pets out.

Is prolong tree preservative pet friendly?

Prolong is a fast, easy and pet- and child-safe way to prevent needles from drying prematurely.

Are pine cones toxic to cats?

While dried potpourri scented with essential oils is not as big of a concern, some pets may be attracted to chewing on or eating attractive-smelling pine cones, dried flowers or other plant material. Keep in mind that some of these flowers and plant materials may themselves be toxic to pets.

Is Cedar toxic to cats?

YES, cedar oil is safe for pets and people, including cats, newborns, and nursing moms.

How do you pet proof a Christmas tree?

Use gates, exercise pens, or even larger presents to wall off your tree. Using an exercise pen, a baby gate, or anything else fence like, barricade your Christmas tree. This barrier will keep your pets from climbing up, bumping into, and getting underneath your tree.

How do I keep the pets away from my Christmas tree?

Is it bad for cats to drink water from the Christmas tree?

Christmas tree water contains preservatives that help the tree last longer. It’s not likely that drinking this water will make your cat sick. Sometimes they will get an upset tummy from it, but that’s about all. If the water has been contaminated by bacteria and fungi, this can cause more of a problem for your cat.

Is ProLong safe for pets?

ProLong is safe for use with children & pets, when used as directed.

How do you ProLong tree preservatives?

By keeping your tree watered with ProLong you will find the tree will retain their needles longer in the dry heat of your winter home. ProLong causes cut trees to absorb more water than it would otherwise, thus extending the life of the tree….

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How can I Keep my Cat from eating my Christmas tree?

Wondering how to deal with cats and christmas trees? One of the very best ways to cat-proof your tree is by spraying it with an orange-scented spray (or placing actual orange peels at the base of the tree). Another solution is to use a bitter (cat-deterrent) spray, available at most pet stores.

Are there any Christmas trees that are cat safe?

Here are 5 great Christmas tree alternatives that are actually cat safe – And quite amazing too! This is not only a fun craft to do, but makes for a stunning modern conversational piece! This tree is a great option for cats when hung high enough.

Is it OK to put Tinsel on Christmas tree for cats?

No Tinsel: Since tinsel can severely damage a cat’s digestive system, avoid using it on your tree. No Dangerous Plants: Skip the holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias, since these are poisonous to cats. In addition to the solutions above, curious cats can get into trouble if presented with extra temptations.

How much does a cat Christmas tree cost?

The cat Christmas trees run between $40 and $90. The trees come trimmed with white LED lights, allowing you to add your own ornaments. Got a cat who climbs?