Is Chief Wiggum dead?

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Is Ralph Wiggum disabled?

Although it has never been explicitly stated in any Simpsons-related media that Ralph is intellectually disabled and/or brain damaged, it has been hinted in scenes such as a flashback (during the episode “Moms I’d Like to Forget”) where Chief Wiggum is holding a baby Ralph, who is drinking out of a bottle.

Is Chief Wiggum marges dad?

Clarence “Clancy” Bouvier, occasionally referred to as Grampa Bouvier, was the chain-smoking husband of Jacqueline Bouvier, the father of Patty, Selma and Marge Simpson, father-in-law of Homer Simpson and maternal grandfather of Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson and Ling Bouvier.

What happened Chief Wiggum?

In non-canon episodes, Ralph has died a couple of times, especially during the episode “Holidays of Future Passed”. First, he died after accidentally shooting himself in the head, and then his clones died either by getting hit by a truck, being crushed by the truck, or being set on fire as a result of the crash.

How many times has moleman died?

Moleman has been killed many times over the course of The Simpsons (a fan site puts the number at 26) and in a flamboyant variety of ways.

Who Shot Mr Burns?

Burns is shot by an unidentified assailant. In Part Two, Springfield’s police try to find the culprit, with their main suspects being Waylon Smithers and Homer Simpson. Both episodes were written by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein; Part One was directed by Jeffrey Lynch and Part Two by Wes Archer.

Who is Chief Wiggum based off of?

4 Chief Wiggum – Edward G. Robinson was the inspiration for Chief Wiggum’s voice, but it’s even clearly mentioned in an episode of the show that the actor is the influence for the character.

Are homer and Chief Wiggum friends?

Homer and Chief Wiggum become close friends during Homer’s community service stint, but when Homer leaves Wiggum’s side during his recuperation to go to Moe’s, the Chief takes offense; Bart becomes addicted to Battle Ball (a Japanese game with cards and plastic balls that turn into creatures).

Is Ralph Wiggum Eddie’s son?

While he doesn’t look like Clancy, Ralph’s hair does bear a similarity to another member of the Springfield Police Department: Eddie. Eddie, along with his partner Lou, are two of the only other consistent members of the police within Springfield. This results in the birth of Ralph, making Eddie the true father.

Where did Chief Wiggum go after the Simpsons?

Chief Wiggum has his own spin-off show in “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase” called “Chief Wiggum P.I.”. He is fired from the Springfield force for corruption and moves to New Orleans to start working as a private investigator, with Skinner as his partner.

What kind of police officer is Chief Wiggum?

He is an extreme stereotype of a lazy police officer. Chief Wiggum is morbidly obese, straightforwardly indecent, ignorant, incompetent, and lazy, with a fondness for doughnuts and ” Chintzy Pop ” (a fictional popcorn that is based on Jiffy Pop).

Where does Chief Wiggum live in Lego Dimensions?

Wiggum and Ralph live in a boat house, and Ralph is kidnapped by a villain called Big Daddy. He later finds his son, and lets Big Daddy escape. Chief Wiggum also appears in the video game Lego Dimensions. He is seen during the Chaos when Lord Business’s Micro Managers attack Springfield over in front of the Town hall.

Why does Chief Wiggum have a feud with Mayor Quimby?

This may also explain why Chief Wiggum has somewhat of a feud with Mayor Quimby, such as getting into a serious argument with him in regards to Marge’s arrest, blackmailing him with incriminating photos, and even trying to arrest Quimby for corruption charges. Regardless, Wiggum had accomplished his childhood dream.