Is Benjamin Marauder a good gun?

The performance is solid, with excellent accuracy and power. The Marauder, especially the . 25 caliber, will do the job on any small game you want to pursue. The fact that you can adjust the power, and the gun is so inherently quiet, means it can be used in noise-sensitive shooting and hunting scenarios.

How powerful is the Benjamin Marauder?

The Marauder PCP Pistol features a durable synthetic stock, self-indexing 8-shot clip and a 12-inch choked and shrouded barrel, delivering up to 700 fps. Overall length of the pistol from the grip is 18-inches with an integrated pressure gauge.

Is the Benjamin Marauder regulated?

Benjamin Marauder Regulated PCP 177 Caliber Air Rifle meets the demands for shooters in the field or range. Using the regulated system, the Maruder delivers a long, consistent shot string with up to 85 shots. Features a rugged wood stock with ambidextrous raised comb and reversible bolt handle.

Is the Benjamin Marauder quiet?

The Benjamin Marauder air rifle definitely tops the list of the quietest and one of the best PCP air rifles available today. It comes with a capacity of 8 to 10 rounds. Additionally, it also works with all . When it comes to the noise, this air rifle consists of an internal shroud, also known as a ‘depinger’.

How much is a Benjamin Marauder?

List Price: $562.50 Details
You Save: $118.72 (21%)

How many shots is a Benjamin Marauder?

22 Marauder Field and Target shoots 15.89 JSBs around 820 feet per second and gives you about 50-60 good shots, although you will get 70-80 shots with a lighter pellet. For comparison, the standard Marauder will give you 30-40 good shots depending on the pellet and how you have it adjusted.

Where is Benjamin Marauder made?

Current production Benjamin airguns are designed in the timeless tradition of Benjamin rifles and many of these respected rifles are proudly made in the USA. Benjamin has been a trusted brand in airguns for decades and their airguns are known for accuracy and durability.

Who manufactures Benjamin air rifles?

Crosman has manufactured and sold the Benjamin-Sheridan and Sheridan model airguns for many years. These models are still made to the higher quality standards of the originals, with wood stocks and primarily brass and steel components. The Sheridan line is strictly 5 mm (.

How much is the Benjamin Marauder?

Is .177 or .22 quieter?

22 pellets are quieter than . 177 as they are heavier and slower rounds that don’t break the sound barrier.

How loud is a .177 air rifle?

Air guns definitely make noise, generally between 74 to 90 decibels, although some models are admittedly quieter than others. For the louder guns, it’s the compressed air getting quickly pushed out of the gun that causes the noise.

Can you hand pump a Benjamin Marauder?

The Benjamin High Pressure Hand Pump is a 3-stage pump specially designed to fill PCP airguns. Featuring a universal adapter the pump is compatible with the Benjamin Marauder, Woods Walker and Discovery, and the Crosman Challenger. This tire-style pump is compact enough to fit in a backpack for a day in the field.

Can you use the Benjamin Marauder tune kit?

– Fits all unregulated Marauder and Armada air rifles of any caliber and manufacturing date. These results have been derived by testing with 12 different combinations of Marauder air rifles and pellets. A definite benefit from using the Benjamin Marauder Tune Kit was found every time!

Why does the Benjamin Marauder have different shooting characteristics?

This is due to the combination of screw adjustments for Transfer Port size, Striker length and Hammer Spring tension. So, it’s not surprising that every individual Marauder or Armada has slightly different shooting characteristics to the next one off the line.

Can a marauder air rifle be used as a pellet gun?

– Eliminates that pesky puff of air in your face when the air rifle is fired! – Fits all unregulated Marauder and Armada air rifles of any caliber and manufacturing date. These results have been derived by testing with 12 different combinations of Marauder air rifles and pellets.

Where is the transfer port on a Benjamin Marauder?

If you have no chronograph they will provide benefits with your gun. The valve’s Transfer Port Adjustment Screw is shown above. This is accessed from outside the gun. Below we see the other end of the screw partially-filling the Transfer Port exit from the valve.