Is Beerus stronger than omega shenron?

This puts Omega Shenron at an equal stand point as Broly. And Broly was stated by Goku to be stronger than Beerus. But either way, while the the battle lines are still grey, Omega Shenron is still in the upper tier of power, ranking right next to Beerus, Broly, Jiren, and Moro in power.

Is SSJ4 stronger than omega shenron?

If you think that they are 150x stronger, then I still have the fact that SSJ4 Gogeta is stronger than Omega Shenron, which adds even more “Buffer space”.

Who is stronger Omega shenron or syn shenron?

After transforming, Omega Shenron becomes ten times stronger than Syn, with all of the abilities of the other Shadow Dragons at his disposal.

Who sealed elder Kai in the Z sword?

During one of these meetings, held roughly 75 Million Before Age, they got into an argument over some trifling thing and a certain short-tempered God of Destruction, Beerus, sealed Old Kai away inside the Z Sword as it would not have been proper for him to destroy the Sacred World of the Kais itself.

Who can beat shenron?

Counting his death in the altered timeline of Age 850, Shenron has been killed by a villain twice, first by King Piccolo and second by Towa from Age 852.

Which is stronger ssj4 Gogeta or Beerus?

Since Champa is weaker than Beerus,I put him 30% SSJ4 Gogeta. So,SSJ4 Gogeta does the same thing like last time except,he toys around with him more and goes 50%.Since Vados is stronger than Whis,I put her at 90% SSJ4 Gogeta.

Which is stronger Lord Beerus or Omega Shenron?

When you get as purely enraged as he was and have that many endorphins running you do shit you shouldn’t be able to, and that goes fking quadruple for a saiyan especially vegeta Omega Shenron would curbstomp. The GT Fighters said that Omega Shenron is the strongest oponent they ever had. Omega Shernon ate a 10× Ka me ha me ha and had no scratch.

Which is more powerful SSJB or ssj3 Goku?

The power levels for both these characters are unclear but it is implied that SSJB is beyond anything we’ve seen. SSJG was already at the very least hundreds of times more powerful than SSJ3 Goku, and on top of that, SSJB is significantly more powerful than SSJG.