Is Amaya based on a true story?

Amaya is a historical fiction based in the 16th century pre-Hispanic setting in Visayas, Central Philippines. It tells the story of a binukot or a hidden princess who is turned into a slave by her enemies.

Who is Kapid Amaya?

Kapid is the twin snake of Amaya in human form. She would repeatedly intercede on Amaya’s behalf to have her succeed in her tasks. She would even sometimes appear in Amaya’s dreams to give her guidance. She is an umalagad.

How many episodes of Amaya are there?

Amaya/Number of episodes

What is the meaning of the story Amaya?

Premise. Amaya, born in the reign of Rajah Mangubat and as the daughter Datu Bugna, she is a “binukot” – a hidden princess and can’t step on ground. Due to having a twin snake, her destiny is to become the savior of her land against Rajah Mangubat.

What is the purpose of Binukot?

The Practice Binukot is a pre-Hispanic practice in the Philippine archipelago that is still practiced. A tribe or community deems a girl worthy of being secluded in order to protect them so they gain cultural prestige and are more appealing to high-class suitors.

Is Amaya a babaylan?

With the help of her snake twin, Amaya became an “alabay” or an apprentice to became a Babaylan.

What is the ending of Amaya?

After its principal villain was so definitively disposed of, we fully expected the episode to end on a triumphant note, and for Amaya and her lover, portrayed by Sid Lucero, to finally find peace and contentment.

Does Amaya mean rain?

The name Amaya is of Japanese origin and means “mother city; night rain.” The Spanish form of this name derives from the city of the same name and was often used as a surname. It is a variant of Amaia.

What does Amaya mean in English?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amaya is a given name and surname of Spanish origins, derived from the village of Amaya and its neighboring mountain in Castile and León, Spain. The name of the village, in turn, has Indo-European roots and means “am (ma)” or “mother”.

What is babaylan in Tagalog?

Babaylan is a Filipino word that refers specifically to an individual or a group of healers, mostly women, who were acknowledged by friends and family as possessing extraordinary gifts…