Is AFC Richmond a real club?

AFC Richmond is an English fictional professional association football club based in Richmond upon Thames, London. They currently compete in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system.

Where did Richmond finish in 2017?

The 2017 season was the 110th season in which the Richmond Football Club participated in the VFL/AFL. It ended with Richmond the premiers of the competition, the first time they had achieved it since 1980…

How many members did Richmond have in 2017?

Membership Figures

Membership Year Total Members
2016 72,278
2017 75,777
2018 100,726
2019 103,358

When did Richmond last lose a grand final?

After reaching and losing the 1982 VFL Grand Final, it has been a rocky road for Richmond who have struggled to come to grips with the rules and regulations of a modernised VFL, including the draft and salary cap.

Does AFC Richmond win?

But … it works! Richmond scores and wins its biggest victory in what is clearly a very long time. Nate goes on television and, by denying he’s a “wunderkid,” makes clear that he thinks he is one. It’s hard to be sure precisely where Nate is on his disturbing seasonal trajectory.

Can you buy AFC Richmond gear?

Fans of Apple TV’s hit show Ted Lasso can now buy official merch that lets you rep AFC Richmond, the fictional soccer team featured in the show — and yes, that means you can buy a jersey. A jersey costs $59.95, and you can personalize it with your first and last name.

Who won the AFL in 2016?

Western Bulldogs
2016 AFL season/Champion
The first game was played on Thursday, 24 March, and the 2016 AFL Grand Final was played on Saturday, 1 October with the Western Bulldogs defeating Sydney by 22 points to win its second premiership and first in 62 years, breaking the then-longest active drought in VFL/AFL history.

Where did Richmond finish in 2016?

2016 Richmond Football Club season

2016 season
Home ground MCG
Pre-season (1-2)
AFL season 13th (8-14)
Finals series DNQ

How much is a Richmond membership?

2016 Richmond Football Club membership prices

General Admission 2016 price
Maurice Rioli Club (Adult) $310
Maurice Rioli Club (Concession) $205
Maurice Rioli Club (Junior) $100
Maurice Rioli Club C/I (A) $345

Who has the most members in the AFL 2021?

West Coast Eagles
The West Coast Eagles exceeded 100,000 members for the second time and topped the AFL membership tally for the second straight year with 106,422 members…

How many times has Richmond finished 9th?

Richmond would finish in ninth place at the end of seasons 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2006 and 2008.

Who has kicked the most goals for Richmond?


Goals Player Notes
14.2 Doug Strang Richmond kicked 30 goals.
12.6 Jack Baggott Richmond kicked 21 goals
11.3 Michael Roach Richmond kicked 29 goals
11.2 Michael Roach Richmond kicked 27 goals