How transistor can be used as a switch?

One of the most common uses for transistors in an electronic circuit is as simple switches. In short, a transistor conducts current across the collector-emitter path only when a voltage is applied to the base. When no base voltage is present, the switch is off. When base voltage is present, the switch is on.

What is C945 transistor used for?

About C945 transistors The C945 is an age old Japanese Bipolar audio frequency NPN transistor. It has a decent gain value (hfe) of maximum 700 and is highly linear. Hence it was widely used in amplifier applications for pre-amplifying purpose, in high frequency circuits.

In which mode transistor acts as a switch?

A transistor works in active region when worked as an Amplifier. When a transistor works as a Switch it works in Cutoff and Saturation Regions. In the Cutoff State both Emitter Base Junction and Collector Base junctions are reverse biased. But in saturation region both junctions are forward biased.

When transistor works as an open switch?

The collector current VCC / RC flows through the transistor. Similarly, when no voltage or zero voltage is applied at the input, transistor operates in cutoff region and acts as an open circuit.

Which transistor is better PNP or NPN Why?

As the electrons have higher or faster mobility than holes, the conductivity also more. For this reason, NPN transistors are more preferable than PNP transistors because the NPN transistor provides more conductivity.

How do you know if a transistor is good?

Hook the positive lead from the multimeter to the to the BASE (B) of the transistor. Hook the negative meter lead to the EMITTER (E) of the transistor. For an good NPN transistor, the meter should show a voltage drop between 0.45V and 0.9V. If you are testing PNP transistor, you should see “OL” (Over Limit).

What is PNP transistor?

The PNP transistor is a type of transistor in which one n-type material is doped with two p-type materials. It is a device that is controlled by the current. In comparison to the emitter and collector, the base of a PNP transistor has always been negative.

What is the symbol of PNP transistor?

The PNP Transistor is denoted by the letters PNP. In the diagram below, the symbol for a PNP transistor is depicted. In a PNP transistor, the current flows from the emitter to the collector, as shown by the inward arrow.

Which is the fastest switching device?

Amongst BJT, MOSFET, JEFT and Triode, MOSFET is the fastest switching device because of its quickest response.

What can a c945 transistor be used for?

C945 is a general purpose NPN transistor used in wide variety of commercial and educational electronic circuits. It is manufactured in TO-93 package, the max load this transistor can drive is around 150mA or 0.15A that is enough to operate many devices in a circuit for example LEDs, Relays, ICs, transistors and other parts of a circuit.

What is the c-945 bipolar junction transistor used for?

C-945 transistor is an electronic equipment used for low power applications. C945 has a lot of amazing features. These features include low current, low voltage, good linearity, low noise, complementary to A733 and many more. C-945 bipolar junction transistor has a wide range of applications in real life.

What happens when you use a transistor as a switch?

Transistors that are fully “ON” are said to be in their Saturation region. Transistors that are fully “OFF” are said to be in their Cut-off region. When using the transistor as a switch, a small Base current controls a much larger Collector load current.

What can c-945 be used for in Proteus?

C-945 can also be used in two relay module used to drive different AC (Alternating Current) as well as DC (Direct Current) loads. If you want to work on C945 in Proteus, then you should download this C945 Library for Proteus.