How to register as self employed in Ukraine?

For registration you have to file the following documents: completed application for registration of PE (the standard application form as approved by Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine), including information on registered address of private individual and types of business activities.

What is a Private entrepreneur in Ukraine?

A sole proprietor (also called a private entrepreneur) in Ukraine is an individual that owns his own business and possesses all the profit. In Ukraine, an individual entrepreneur is called “fizichna osoba-pidpriyemets” or FOP. FOP is one of the most common forms of business registration in Ukraine.

What does PE mean in Ukraine?

Permanent establishment (PE) In particular, a non-resident’s PE is defined as a fixed place of business through which the business activity of a non-resident entity is wholly or partly carried out in Ukraine.

How much is tax in Ukraine?

The standard tax rate of 18% applies to income received as salary and other benefits under employment and civil agreements, foreign income, and other income not covered elsewhere. Taxable income received from abroad is subject to a tax rate of 18%.

Who is private entrepreneur?

As a private entrepreneur, that is, as a self-employed person, you can easily engage in small-scale business activities mainly based on your own work input. Private entrepreneurship is the lightest and simplest company form.

Is PE a legal entity?

Thus, a legal concept, PE is a compromise between source state and residence state for purposes of taxation of business profits. Profit attributable to a PE, in the State of Source are either exempted in State of Residence or the State of Residence allows credit of taxes paid by the PE on such profits.

What is the average salary in Ukraine?

1. Median Salary. The median salary in Ukraine is 21,100 UAH ($775/month).

What is installation PE?

A Construction PE exists when the construction site or an installation project is carried out for a period more than the prescribed period under the respective Tax Treaty with that country.

How old do you have to be to work in Ukraine?

Requirements for Employment. Residents of Ukraine can work starting from 16 years old, however in certain cases it is possible to employ underaged individuals if they are 14 years old, providing their studies are not affected and parents have given them consent for the employment.

Can a non-resident get an Employment Permit in Ukraine?

After obtaining such permits non-residents have the same labour rights in Ukraine as residents of Ukraine. Ukrainian law allows to conclude employment agreement in oral or in writing, however, in certain cases written form is obligatory.

Do you have to sign an employment agreement in Ukraine?

Written form of an employment agreement is mandatory for employment of non-residents of Ukraine, persons under 18, if an employee requires so, if the employer is an individual and some other cases as defined by law. Main types of labor agreements in Ukraine include:

Which is the main employment law in Ukraine?

The main law, which regulates employment in Ukraine of salaried employees, is the Labor Code of Ukraine, which was adopted a while ago during the Soviet Union times.