How to find out what to do in Vilnius Lithuania?

As promised, here’s a spiffy interactive map of Vilnius to help you find your way and guide you to all the best clubs, restaurants, hotels and hostels, attractions, and whatnots in the city. Choose a field from the left, then click on the tabs to get more information – it’s never been easier!

What can you do in Lithuania for free?

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What was the population of Vilnius before World War 2?

The pre-World War II numbers are staggering: Vilnius’ Jewish population was nearly 100,000, about forty-five percent of the city’s total. Lithuania was strewn with some two hundred Jewish communities sustaining the lives and livelihoods of about 240,000 people. Vilnius had 105 synagogues and prayer houses.

What was the history of the town of Vilna?

History of Vilna. A number of new Classical style buildings were built, including the Cathedral, which had been reconstructed at the end of the 18th century. In 1860, a railway line, the first in Lithuania, crossed Wilno and connected the town with St. Petersburg, Russia and Warsaw, Poland.

Which is the capital of present day Lithuania?

Vilna, Wilno, Vilnius, Wilno or Vilnius …is the capital of the present day Lithuania and one of the country’s oldest cities. It stretches along both banks of the fast flowing Neris River, and is set among hills and pine forests.