How old is the iPod nano 5th generation?


Generation and Appearance Capacity Original release date
5th 8 GB September 13, 2009
16 GB
Polished aluminium case including a larger screen, video camera, built-in microphone, FM radio tuner, Recorder and a pedometer. Retains entire color line from fourth generation.
6th 8 GB September 1, 2010

Can you still buy an iPod nano?

Apple refreshed the seventh-generation iPod nano in 2015 to add new colors, but did not tweak the design, signaling the impending end of life for the device. The iPod nano was discontinued along with the iPod shuffle in mid-2017, leaving the iPod touch as the sole iPod that Apple sells.

Is iPod 5th gen still supported?

iOS 9.3. 5 is the last update that supports the iPod Touch 5th generation as it is incompatible iOS 10 along with the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 3, and iPad Mini 1st generation due to hardware limitations.

Does iPod nano 5th generation have Bluetooth?

There’s no Bluetooth, although it is compatible with the iPod Bluetooth adaptors available from several vendors. Another new feature is the inclusion of an FM radio, which uses the earphones as the antenna.

How do I put music on my iPod Nano 5th generation?

Manually Adding Music to the iPod Nano Plug your iPod nano into your computer, select it in the iTunes sidebar and then click the Music tab. Click on any song and drag it to the left sidebar to drop it on the iPod nano icon at the top of the sidebar.

Is an old iPod worth anything?

The iPod is almost 20 years old, hard to believe it’s been that long. Apple doesn’t offer any cash for an iPod like that instead they do offer to recycle it for you. Not all iPods are worth something. If they’re completely busted or too old to be of any value, the best thing you can do is recycle your device.

What is the best iPod Nano to buy?

Best Buy online carries four versions of the iPod nano.

  • Best Buy: 8th generation iPod nano 16GB (space gray)
  • Best Buy: 8th generation iPod nano 16GB (blue)
  • Best Buy: 8th generation iPod nano 16GB (gold)
  • Best Buy: 8th generation iPod nano 16GB (silver)

Do they still sell ipods 2020?

One of the most successful products Apple has ever made was the iPod. But now it is 2021 and despite having Apple Music on our iPhones and even being available on Android and some smart TV’s, Apple still sells the iPod Touch.

What can you do on an iPod 5th generation?

Apple EarPods: Use the Apple EarPods (iPod touch 5th generation, shown above) or Apple Earphones (iPod touch 4th generation) to listen to music, videos, FaceTime calls, Siri, audiobooks, podcasts, and games.

What can I do with an old iPod nano?

6 Ways to Reuse Your Old iPod Right Now

  • Car MP3 Player. If the music you still love and listen to is still loaded on your old device, then keep it in the car!
  • Expendable Music Device.
  • Kids Toy.
  • Backup Phone.
  • Security Camera/Baby Monitor.
  • Remote.

Can you watch movies on iPod nano 5th generation?

Movies, TV shows, and videos will play on most iPods. Fifth- and sixth-generation iPods, the iPod nano, the iPod touch, and the iPhone can all play movies, TV shows, and videos from your iTunes library if you convert them for iPod use. Or you can choose iPod from the iPhone menu.