How much power does a Stage 2 mk6 GTI make?

STOCK POWER: 200HP / 207LB-FT Includes all Stage 2 tune variants and all lower software stages as well.

What’s needed for Stage 2 GTI?

An example: Stage 2 VW Golf Mk6 GTI The required hardware for their stage 2 software includes a full turbo-back exhaust with a sports-cat and a high-flow air intake. They also recommend an uprated intercooler, uprated engine mounts, and an uprated throttle pipe.

How much horsepower does a Stage 1 tune add?

A stage 1 tune is simply an ECU remap or chip tune. This is the most cost-effective way to modify any vehicle for performance. Turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol vehicles respond extremely well to stage 1 tuning and commonly see a 20 – 40% increase in bhp and torque.

What Is a Stage 2 MK6 GTI?

The IE Stage 2 MK6 GTI performance tune is designed to maximize the performance of the factory engine and turbocharger. Fine tuning the ECU calibration to match installed aftermarket hardware, IE Stage 2 delivers massive power gains across the powerband.

What kind of tuning do I need for my VW Mk6 GTI?

There are off-the-shelf (OTS) and custom flash tuning options for the MK6 GTI, R, and GLI. OTS tunes are designed to work on a wide range of cars while custom tunes are dialed into your car specifically. Piggyback tunes are highly effective tuning options, but unfortunately, a lot of people are quick to hate on them.

What are Stage 2 tunes for VW Golf GTI?

These MK6 stage 2 tunes target more aggressive boost. Higher boost causes a greater build-up of back-pressure which is a bottleneck on turbo engines. Removing or replacing the bulky, restrictive cat helps reduce that pressure. The benefits of doing so include less stress on the turbo and engine.

How much horsepower does a GTI Stage 2 have?

You can clearly see the increase in power and torque down low which in the real world gets this little Gti moving quick ly in the lower RPM range. Factory Tune with Intake & Downpipe = 157kw at the wheels and 340Nm of Torque. SpecTune Stage 2 + DSG = 206kw at the wheels and 570Nm of Torque.

What’s the difference between Stage 2 and DSG tune?

This customer came to us with an existing tune and was looking for more power and torque, he also reported check engine lights with the existing tune. We applied our custom Stage 2 tune and DSG tune. 1 of the features of the DSG tune is allowing more torque to be transmitted through the engine and transmission amongst other features.