How much is a Schilke trumpet?

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This item Schilke Trumpet – Standard (10B1) Yamaha Trumpet Bb YTR 2330S Standard SILVER With “Semi-Hard case”
Price $3,175.00 $77499
Sold By Park Ave Music Center San Jose Ca. D-Solution
Instrument Key B Flat B Flat
Item Dimensions 22.25 x 12 x 9.5 inches

How much are professional trumpets?

Beginner trumpets usually range in cost from $400 to $1,200. Intermediate, or step-up trumpets usually range in cost $1,200 to $2,300 and entry level pro trumpets (still largely played by advanced students) around $2,400 and up.

What is the best trumpet brand?

Top 10 Best Trumpet Brands

  • Yamaha YTR-2330S.
  • Bach Stradivarius 180S37.
  • Getzen 590S-S.
  • Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L.
  • Jean Paul USA TR-330.
  • PJean Paul USA TR-430.
  • Mendini MTT-30CN.
  • Kaizer TRP-1000LQ.

What is an ancient trumpet called?

The war-trumpet used by the ancient Greeks was called the salpinx, and was probably adapted from the Egyptian sheneb.

Are Schilke trumpets good?

It is a good playing horn with a sound and feel much like a B1.

Where are Schilke trumpets made?

Melrose Park, IL USA
Schilke Music Products Referred to as “Custom Built,” we make each instrument by hand with the sense of attention and detail of a custom builder. All parts are produced at our facility in Melrose Park, IL USA.

Are silver trumpets better than brass?

Silver tends to deliver a bit more range and is especially strong in the top range of notes. For Brass finishes the most popular are Yellow Brass [the most common], Gold Brass and Rose Brass [Softer and More Mellow tone].

What is a good inexpensive trumpet?

17 Best Cheap Trumpet Reviews and the Best Budget Trumpet Brands

  • Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet, Gold, Bb.
  • Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet.
  • Glory Brass Bb Trumpet with Accessories.
  • Mendini MTT-30CN Bb Trumpet.
  • Tromba TP- GD Plastic BB Trumpet, Gold.
  • Tromba Bb Trumpet-Blue (Plastic)

When was the first trumpet heard?

The first known metal trumpets can be traced back to around 1500BC. Silver and bronze trumpets were discovered in the grave of King Tut in Egypt, and other ancient versions of the instrument were found in China, South America, Scandinavia, and Asia.

Do trumpets appreciate in value?

Once used for a few years, Schilke trumpets and cornets are more likely to appreciate in value (to reflect the increasing prices of new ones), than to depreciate.