How much is a 1965 Shelby Cobra worth?

That page reveals an average value for the final-year production of Cobras of $1,050,000 at time of writing—exactly in line with the 2019 RM Sotheby’s sale. At the top, their graph and quality breakdown shows the value of a condition-1 Cobra at $1,950,000. However, that chart is for “ordinary” Shelby Cobras.

How many 1965 Shelby Cobras are left?

Overall, just 23 of these 427 Cobras left Shelby American, with chassis number CSX 3010—the 10th 427 Competition Cobra—first landing in the possession of Don Russell Jr., son of South Carolina’s then-Governor, Donald S.

How much is an original 1966 Shelby Cobra worth?

The 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake will be auctioned with no starting price. Jackson told the Free Press he expected it will sell for $5 million to $8 million.

What is the rarest Cobra car?

Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake
The Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake is the rarest and most insane Cobra. Even today, the Shelby Cobra 427 is an impressively fast car. With a 485-hp 7.0-liter Ford V8 under its hood, the 2529-pound roadster goes 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds, Car and Driver reports.

What is a 1967 Shelby Cobra worth?

1967 Shelby Cobra Roadster auctioned in 2008 for $652,500. 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 Roadster, auctioned in 2008 for $700,000.

What is the highest price paid for a Shelby Cobra?

Carroll Shelby’s Personal 427 Cobra Just Sold for $5.94 Million at Auction.

How rare is a Shelby Cobra?

The explosive weapon, a.k.a. the 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra Competition, is one of only 23 examples ever made and worth a cool $2 million and change.

What is the original price of a Shelby Cobra?

The $5.5-million car started life as one of 23 Cobra competition roadsters and was made legal for the street with the addition of mufflers, bumpers, and other necessities. Shelby actually created two Super Snakes. The other was originally sold to comedian Bill Cosby .

Who manufactures Shelby Cobra?

Carroll Shelby Licensing is the second wholly owned subsidiary that forms Carroll Shelby International, which is based in Nevada. Shelby American manufactures component automobiles, including replicas of the small-block and large-block AC Cobras, the Shelby GT350 and the GT500 Super Snake.

What is the value of a Cobra?

Check the collector car valuation tools on the web. The only way to put a number on a vehicle is through a careful inspection and evaluation of condition. A perfect #1 condition 77 Cobra like yours would have a current value of around $14,000.

What kind of car is Shelby Cobra?

The AC Cobra, sold as the Shelby Cobra in the United States, is an Anglo-American sports car with a Ford V8 engine, produced intermittently in both the UK and the US since 1962.