How much HHO gas is needed for my vehicle?

How Much HHO Gas Is Needed For My Vehicle? As far as how much hydrogen gas is needed for a particular size of engine. Here at Hydrogen Water Cars we suggest 1/4 to 1/2 LPM per liter size engine. So, for example a 4 liter engine would require 1 – 2 LPM, a 6 liter engine requires 1 1/2 to 3 LPM.

Does HHO for cars really work?

It is noted that HHO gas enhances the combustion process through increasing engine thermal efficiency and reducing the specific fuel consumption. Comparing HHO gas to commercial gasoline fuel, HHO is extremely efficient in terms of fuel chemical structure.

How many plates do you need for a HHO generator?

The seven plate design forms six electrolysis reaction chambers where there is one positive, one negative positive and five neutral plates.

Can you run a generator on hydrogen?

Hydrogen gas generators are a safe, convenient and typically the more cost-effective alternative to using high pressure cylinders of H2. A hydrogen generator will provide hydrogen of a consistent purity, eliminating the risk of variation in gas quality, which can impact on analytical results.

How efficient is HHO generator?

The current efficiency of the hydrogen generator is 89.13 %.

What is a HHO generator used for?

HHO Generators are the most fuel efficient choice for your vehicle. HHO Generators improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, increase horsepower, and even clean the internal workings of your engine.

Can a diesel car run on hydrogen?

Put more simply, it will take any engine that runs on diesel, gasoline, propane, or CNG and switch it over to run on 100 percent hydrogen. The hydrogen is passed through a membrane that strips it of any remaining oxygen or nitrogen, leaving pure hydrogen for the vehicle to burn.

What happens when you use a HHO generator in a car?

In fact, the HHO generator drew 15 amps of power from the car and it couldn’t make enough oxyhydrogen gas to break even. Mythbusters tested an HHO generator over a decade ago and found that while oxyhydrogen gas can power a car’s engine, the HHO generator that they used made no impact.

Why is a HHO gas generator called a brown gas generator?

The Brown gas generator uses electrolysis to split water (H2O) into it´s base molecules, 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen molecule. This is why it is often referred to as an HHO gas generator.The HHO in itself is not an alternative to gasoline but a additive to boost the efficiency of the engine.

How big of an engine does a HHO kit need?

HHO Kit for engine sizes ranging from 2.3 – 4.6 Liters CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! This Ultra Slim… HHO Kit For Engine Sizes From 1.0 – 2.2 Liters OUT OF STOCK – NOT AVAILABLE… HHO Kit for engine sizes ranging from 4.7 – 7.6 Liters OUT OF STOCK – NOT AVAILABLE…

How is hydrogen used in a car engine?

When the Hydrogen HHO Kit gas mixes with your fuel, the piston will be able to compress it completely before it ignites, and the extra hydrogen allows the fuel to burn more efficiently reducing the amount of waste (emissions). This also adds a bit more power to the engine, which increases its efficiency and improves your kms per liter.