How much does the FA Level 1 Coaching course cost?

The basic FA Level 1 course is £150, while Level 2 rises to £340. Then comes a steep increase. The standard cost of a UEFA “B” License — a prerequisite to work at a professional club’s academy — is £990, and it can cost as much as £2,450. In Germany, the cost is €430; in Spain it is €1,100.

Can you do FA Level 1 online?

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football course has now been re-developed to be delivered through a more digital format. We have curated the right elements for this course to ensure all learners have the best learning experience to gain their qualification. The e-learning can be completed in stages in your own time.

What can you do with FA Level 1?

In short, FA coaching badges are the qualifications to become a qualified coach in the UK. The badges currently go from Level 1 to The FA UEFA Pro Licence. However, to become a coach at the elite level, just like most professions, you will need to gain the qualifications.

What does FA Level 1 consist of?

Level 1 is made up of seven workshops that look at those key elements of the DNA and an eighth which looks at safeguarding and emergency aid. The course has 33 contact hours with FA tutors, as well as a set number of written tasks that need to be completed away from the course.

Can you fail FA Level 1?

Can you fail FA Level 1? Level 1 is generally considered pretty difficult to fail as it’s largely about keeping young players safe and happy within the game and providing a positive footballing environment that allows them to develop.

How much does UEFA A Licence cost?

In Holland costs for the Uefa A is a staggering 9700 euro which is a similar cost charged by the Danish football association. The cheapest country to sit the Uefa A that featured in the study was Romania who charge 700 euro for their Uefa A course.

Where do I find my FA qualifications?

To view all of your FA qualifications and learning history visit My Account – you will need your email address and password to log in. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Learning’ tab at the top of the page and select. Here you will find a full record of your FA qualifications.

How do I check my fa qualifications?

Is my FA Level 1 still valid?

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football has now been replaced by Introduction to Coaching Football. We are excited to take you on this new journey to help you become the best coach you can be.

How long does it take to get FA Level 2?

The course in its entirety is 75 hours long. This is split over 10 days. Six of the days are learning days, where the tutors deliver the majority of content. After six weeks, the next two days are support days for candidates.

What jobs can you get with a UEFA B Licence?

The UEFA B Licence is one level below the UEFA A Licence, and allows holders to be head coaches of men’s amateur clubs, youth teams up to age 16, and assistant coaches for professional clubs.

What can you do with a UEFA A Licence?

The UEFA A Licence is one level below the UEFA Pro Licence,and allows holders to be head coaches of youth teams up to age 18, reserve teams (also known as ‘B’ teams) for top-flight clubs, and men’s professional second-tier clubs.

How does Birmingham County FA support the football community?

Learn how Birmingham County FA supports the football community to play in a fun, safe and inclusive environment across the County.

What kind of football is played at Birmingham FA?

From the traditional 11v11 format to small sided football, Futsal, recreational kickabouts and the hugely popular 5-a-side format of the game, there is football for everyone.

How do you become a referee in the FA?

To qualify as a referee, you must also referee five games after you have attended the face to face training. You will then receive a certificate and an FA Referee badge. You be supported through those five games by your County Football Association (CFA).