How much does it cost to subscribe to the Detroit Free Press?

[Subscribe for just $1 for 6 months.

How do I subscribe to the Detroit Free Press?

Call 1-800-395-3300 and give offer code W-PG to subscribe now.

How much is the Sunday edition of the Detroit Free Press?

The Sunday Free Press newsstand price will remain $1.50 in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, but will increase starting on Oct. 4 to $2 outside of that area, and the promotional $1 price for the Sunday paper offered by some participating dealers also ends then.

What is the Detroit Free Press Premium Edition?

What is a Premium Edition? Premium editions come as an additional section of your Sunday home delivery with 12 to 20 full color pages of in-depth coverage of the topics that matter most to our subscribers. These premium editions are of high value and enhance our already great content you read every single day.

Is Detroit Free Press free?

The vast majority of journalism produced by the Free Press staff will remain free, especially public-service stories. Details on how to subscribe and more information will be available on and in the paper soon. Also, a new and updated, better-organized will debut next week.

How many people read the Detroit Free Press?

Michigan-based newspaper the Detroit Free Press had a Sunday circulation of 908.8 thousand in 2020, down from the 926 thousand reported in the previous year.

How do I cancel the Detroit Free Press?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, contact customer service at 1-800-395-3300.

Where can I buy Detroit News?

Check out the latest The Detroit News subscription offerings at

How do I cancel my newspaper?

How to Stop Delivery of a Newspaper

  1. Log in to your account on the newspaper’s website if you have one.
  2. Call or email the newspaper’s customer service department and ask to close your account.
  3. Tell the newspaper’s customer service department you want to temporarily stop delivery if you are going on vacation.

Why is Detroit so bad?

Local crime rates are among the highest in the United States (despite this, the overall crime rate in the city has seen a decline during the 21st century), and vast areas of the city are in a state of severe urban decay. Poverty, crime, shootings, drugs and urban blight in Detroit are ongoing problems.

What is the largest newspaper in Detroit?

The Detroit Free Press
The Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, US. The Sunday edition is titled the Sunday Free Press. It is sometimes referred to as the Freep (reflected in the paper’s web address, It primarily serves Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties.

What is the circulation of the Detroit News?

The Detroit News has won three Pulitzer Prizes….The Detroit News.

The December 28, 2009, front page of The Detroit News
Type Daily newspaper
Circulation 141,668 (2011) (weekday)
ISSN 1055-2715

How much is the Detroit Free Press?

Detroit Free Press, Detroit News raise prices to $1 for Monday through Saturday newspaper. Beginning Oct. 5, the Monday through Saturday retail price of the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News will increase to $1.

What newspapers are in Detroit?

The Detroit News is one of the two major newspapers in the U.S. city of Detroit, Michigan.

What is the phone number for the Detroit Free Press?

Detroit Free Press Contact Phone Number is : +1 3132226400. and Address is 615 W Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan 48226, United States.