How much does it cost to live at Vi Palo Alto?

Option 2: Entrance Fee with 60% Repayable + Monthly Fee

Entrance Fees* Monthly Fee**
Two Bedroom + Den Entrance Fees* $2,793,400 – 3,918,200 Monthly Fee** $8,760 – 9,590
Three Bedroom + Den Entrance Fees* $6,411,100 – 7,231,600*** Monthly Fee** $12,040
Second Person Fee Entrance Fees* $55,000 Monthly Fee** $2,570

Where are Vi communities located?

Vi maintains 10 continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) in six states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, and South Carolina. Founded in 1987 by Penny Pritzker, the privately held company houses over 4,000 residents and employs 2,700 workers as of May 2016.

Who started the VI?

Penny Pritzker
Hyatt co-founder and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker first founded Vi in 1987 under the brand name Classic Residence by Hyatt. “We got in this business 32 years ago with high-end independent living rental communities with some assisted living,” Richardson told Senior Housing News.

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Where is the VI in Palo Alto California?

The Vi itself (620 Sand Hill Rd.) is a luxury retirement community/ assisted living. It looks and feels luxurious indeed, like a five-star resort. It has beautiful grounds with lots of trees and greenery, very pretty. The Care Center or Skilled Nursing is a rehab facility located to the right of the main entrance to the Vi.

Where to find senior living in Palo Alto?

Discover a higher degree of senior living in Palo Alto. In the heart of Silicon Valley and close to world-class academic institutions, Vi at Palo Alto is where culture and community come together.

Who is the director of VI at Palo Alto?

– John Koselak, Executive Director at Vi at Palo Alto. Vi rehab center, or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), was actually our first choice for mom-in-law to go after her hospital stay to recover (hopefully not for long). Now that I’ve seen it from the inside out, I have to be honest and rate it average.

Is there an entrance fee for Palo Alto VI?

At Vi, the entrance fee is a one-time fee paid when you move into the community, and is based on the floor plan and repayment option you choose.