How much does a summit Viper tree stand way?

Stand Weight: 30 pounds.

How much does the Summit Viper weight?

20 pounds
Quiet, comfortable and safe, the VIPER® weighs in at a highly portable 20 pounds, with a nesting frame that packs on your back.

Are summit climbing stands safe?

Summit Treestands prioritizes safety above all else. Understanding the proper assembly and setup for tree stands can make the difference in a safe (or unsafe) hunting experience. As always, Summit strongly recommends wearing safety harnesses whenever ascending any tree stand equipment.

What’s the difference between Summit Goliath and Titan?

The Goliath upper and Titan are the same width but the Titan is 2 in longer as far as the front bar. The Titan platform is 1in wider and 2 inches longer than the Goliath.

How much does the summit ledge weigh?

Just 22 pounds in weight, the Ledge is the hang-on that can be easily carried to the perfect location.

How long are lone wolf sticks?

32 in.
Stick Length: 32 in. Weight Rating: 350 lbs. Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Is the summit Viper Classic a good tree stand?

Summit Viper Classic is a great priced climbing tree stand that combines, Summit’s engineering and rugged steel, to make the ultimate priced tree stand. The Viper Classic is a staple in the Summit Treestand lineup.

Which is the best climbing tree stand from Summit?

The Viper SD is Summit’s most popular climbing treestand, sixteen years running. Combing Mossy Oak Treestand camo with the quality engineering, means this stand will keep you concealed and quiet while up in the tree. Summit Viper SD Climbing Treestand – Mossy Oak® Camo

How much does a summit Viper climber weigh?

Quiet, comfortable and safe, the VIPER®weighs in at a highly portable 20 pounds, with a nesting frame that packs on your back. Specifications Aluminum 5 Channel Platform Frame with new Dead Metal – Sound Deadening Technology

What kind of stirrups do summit climbers use?

RapidClimb® Climbing Stirrups are ergonomically shaped and adjustable to fit any boot. Fast and incredibly easy to use, they are offered as a standard feature on all Summit climbing stands.