How much does a concealed carry class cost in SC?

The fee for the South Carolina CWP class is $150.00 and includes all necessary paperwork, forms, photo’s and fingerprinting. In addition, you are required to bring a firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition, and lunch.

Can you get a concealed carry permit online in South Carolina?

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits are issued by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). You can visit their Concealed Weapons Permit Program website here. As of January 14, 2015, all renewals can be made online and soon new applicants will be able to apply online.

How long is a CWP class in SC?

eight hours
The SC Concealed Weapons Permit course will be a minimum of eight hours as required by SLED. Lessons: Information on the statutory and case law of South Carolina relating to handguns and to the use of lethal and deadly force. Information on handgun use and safe gun handling skills.

How long does it take to get concealed weapons permit in SC?

ninety days
The processing period for CCW permits in South Carolina is ninety days.

What are the shooting requirements for SC CWP?

The proficiency test consists of shooting 50 rounds at a silhouette target at the following distances: 10 rounds each at 3, 5, 7, 10 yards and 5 rounds each at 12 and 15 yards. A passing score is hitting 35 out of 50 on the target.

Is there a written test for CWP in SC?

There is a 50 question written test in the CWP class. This test is put together by SLED and every student has to take it and pass it before they can do the shooting qualification. If you pay attention in class you won’t have any trouble with the test.

How to get a concealed weapons permit in Rock Hill SC?

Please pay $50.00 for your class seat when you sign up for a class. This Class is for people that know how to safely use a gun. THE CWP TEST IS NOT A OPEN BOOK TEST. You will be given a Concealed Weapons Permit class outline that will include everything you need to pass your CWP test.

How to get a concealed weapons permit in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit (SC CWP) course offered by SC Firearms Training is more than a qualification demonstration and overview of the laws governing concealed carry in the state of South Carolina, it is an in depth look into handgun handling, mechanics, fundamentals, and most importantly SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.

Where can I take a concealed weapon permit course?

Sportsman Inc has partnered up with 1st Defense Training LLC. to offer a SC Concealed Weapon Permit course once a month here at our location. Please continue reading for more information on the course and what is required of you.

How old do you have to be to get a permit in SC?

Upon completion of this course you may apply to the State of South Carolina for a concealed weapon permit. You must be 21 years of age to enroll in this course. The SC Concealed Weapons Permit course will be a minimum of eight hours as required by SLED.