How much does a battery cost from AAA?

AAA car batteries are competitively priced – the average cost is about $139 – and each comes with a three-year replacement warranty. A new battery will last, on average, three to five years, but driving conditions, climate and maintenance will affect its lifespan.

Does AAA premier cover battery replacement?

Premier Members receive a Free AAA Battery replacement benefit, limited to one (1) battery per household per membership year, if AAA Mobile Service Test indicates replacement is needed during a roadservice call. (AAA Classic, Plus & Plus/RV Members can purchase a discounted AAA Battery).

Can I return a battery to AAA?

Should your AAA battery fail due to a defect in materials or workmanship (and not merely be discharged) it will be replaced as described below. * There are no cash refunds. If battery fails within the following 36 months, it will be replaced upon payment of a pro-rated charge.

Are triple A batteries under warranty?

The AAA Battery provides a 72-month limited warranty. If the battery exhibits manufacturer defects during the first 36 months, the battery will be replaced at no charge. If the battery exhibits manufacturer defects from 37 to 72 months, you may purchase a replacement AAA battery at a discounted price .

Does AA battery last longer than AAA?

These batteries are mainly used for bigger toys and portable equipment. These are mainly known as triple-A batteries. They provide the same voltage as AA lithium batteries which are 1.5 volts of electricity….What are the Difference between AA and AAA Batteries?

AA battery AAA battery
Usually, last long hours due to its storage capacity Runs out of faster due to its size

How much does AAA charge for a jump start?

What Each AAA Membership Level Includes

4 Incidents Per Year Classic – $79.50 Plus – $130
Jump Start Free Free
Battery Delivery & Installation Free, retail price for battery Free, retail price for battery
Minor Mechanical Adjustment Free Free
Emergency Electric Vehicle Charging Free Free

How many times can you call AAA in a year?

As a member you may call for help as many times as you need it. Every membership year, you and all the other members of your family who join AAA are each allowed up to four (4) free calls for Roadside Assistance each. After that, a service charge applies.

What does AAA do for a dead battery?

Battery Service If your vehicle’s battery is dead, the service driver will jump-start your vehicle, if possible. If it cannot be started, towing will be provided under the towing benefit. AAA Battery Service is a mobile battery testing and replacement service.

Which brand of AAA battery lasts the longest?

Energizer L92BP
Energizer L92BP-4 Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries, World’s Longest-Lasting AAA Battery in High-Tech Devices (4 Pack)

What kind of battery does AAA use?

Alkaline AAA batteries weigh around 11.5 grams (0.41 oz), while primary lithium AAA batteries weigh about 7.6 g (0.27 oz). Rechargeable nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) AAA batteries typically weigh 14–15 g (0.49–0.53 oz).

How long is a AAA battery warranty?

The costs to you would be for the battery itself, and possibly additional labor. All AAA batteries comes with a 6-year warranty. The first three years include a free replacement if the battery test fails. For the remaining three years, the warranty provides a battery purchase at a prorated cost.

Which battery is stronger AA or AAA?

AAA batteries carry a smaller amount of mixture as compared to the AA. AAA batteries carry a smaller amount of charge as compared to the AA. AAA batteries are used in small and low power devices, while AA batteries are used in high power devices.

How to get a free AAA battery replacement?

AAA Mobile Battery Service has competitively priced replacements for most vehicles right on our trucks! You’ll receive: Use the Free Instant Battery Price Quote tool to get a price on a new truck or car battery. Then, simply call or click below to submit a car battery replacement service request.

Can You charge AAA, AA, and D batteries?

Are capable of charging AAA, AA, and D batteries in a single unit. That charge batteries individually, rather than purchasing a paired or circuit station. All affected entities are required to properly manage their AAA, AA, and D batteries at their end of life.

Can you recharge AA batteries in New York State?

Rechargeable NiMH AAA, AA, and D batteries. It is against the law to knowingly dispose of NiMH batteries in the garbage in New York State. Instead, NiMH batteries must be recycled. There are many free recycling programs that can be used to properly recycle NiMH batteries.

How long has AAA been testing car batteries?

For 20 years, AAA has been dispatching mobile units to test and install new car and truck batteries for stranded members.