How much does a 1988 Toyota Supra cost?

1988 Toyota Supra Retail Prices

Trim MSRP Invoice
2 dr Hatchback Turbo $24,070 N/A
2 dr Hatchback $21,600 N/A

How much are old Supras worth?

If you’re in the market for this now-classic car from Toyota, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65,000 to perhaps a little over $100,000. This price may seem drastic for a car that has been in existence for over two decades, but the 1998 Supra is well worth the price tag, and we’ll get a bit more into why later.

How much is my Supra worth?

Make Avg Price YoY
CarGurus Index $27,862 +26.68%
Toyota Supra $55,327 +1.85%
2020 Toyota Supra $55,059 +3.31%
2021 Toyota Supra $55,566 -1.90%

How much is a 80s Supra?

The older models attract a higher price. The current price for the Supra of the ’80s is between $8,000 and $70,000, and modifications can take the price higher.

What is the value of a 1989 Toyota Supra?

Toyota Supra 1989 FAQs Toyota Supra 1989: How much are they worth? The quoted average retail price is $4000-$6000, but the car you are talking about would attract a premium due to its low kays and condition, so you could easily double that.

What engine did the 1990 Supra have?

The 1990 Toyota Supra came available with two engine options: the 2.8-liter, 200-horsepower or the turbo-charged 230 horsepower engine. Fuel economy was about 17-23 miles per gallon. Drivers love the 1990 Supra, especially the Turbo version, for its performance and speed.

Are Supras rare?

It also has just 7,000 miles on it, which is naturally a rarity when it comes to vehicles this old. The fact that the car was also unmodified increases its scarcity, as Supras from this generation were often modified and customized, making the unaltered examples a rarity.

How much did Paul Walker’s Supra sell for?

Update 6/21/21: The modified 1994 Supra that appeared in two Fast and Furious movies sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction over the weekend for a rich $550,000.

Is the supra selling well?

Toyota’s sales surprise for 2020 was the Supra, which saw sales jump 104.1 percent over 2019, though it’s artificial. Yes, the automaker moved 5,887 coupes compared to the 2,884 sold in 2019.

Will supra go up in value?

In Australia, fourth-generation Supras are also going up steadily in price, priced from $75,000 to 100,000 depending on specification. Still less than the $100,000 needed to buy a brand-new fifth-generation 2020 Toyota Supra.

How much is a 1985 Toyota Celica Supra worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1985 Toyota Supra Mk II valued at $11,400 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, state and other factors.